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I'm assuming that many people are having an issue like I am having when I attempt to play the game with friends.  About 50% of the time the game is unplayable for me and I end up hiding in a corner until the lag goes away.  Honestly, it's like a switch is turned off, the lag is removed and I can play again.  The lag lasts 1-4 minutes in most cases, but sometimes goes the entire match for me.  The main menus even lag, so I can tell before the match even begins.  Sometimes quitting the game and re-starting it clears things up, but not always.


This does NOT happen whenever I play solo on this game and does not happen on any other game that I own, including every COD.  I am wired and on the Xbox One; BO3 still plays 100% fine, so I know it is not my modem, internet, or setup. Is this happening to others in a party?






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Yeah man all the time.


Looks like they know it's an issue and they are working on it, but it's really annoying, I usually put this game down after about an hour when this inevitably starts to happen,  where as I could play BO3 all day and have fun.

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Yep, it comes and goes and seems to affect at least one of us every night. Seems to be an Xbox issue.... at least we get something exclusive out of "the deal". Smiley Wink  



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MWR even seemed to act like that last night. 😐
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It was like this for me on release night. I played a couple of games with friends and it was a slide show. I was ok on Sat/Sun, but last night it happened again playing with friends. It's either a party stability issue or Cranium flipping on his lagger switch to prevent me from domininating the leaderboards Smiley LOL.

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Dude, you promised you wouldn't say anything if I stopped...😃
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Same problem on PC. I just cant play with my friends. Sometime its a small lag but most of the time the game is unplayable when i am in group.

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