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Okkay but can you tell me WHY EA GAMES ARE MAKING SERVERS FOR US IN BF1 .. as if we considered to be a small community.. mmmm or they just CARE about there fans ????
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So I'm playing bo3 now and the ping is 400

It's so hard to play a decent game.

So why won't you make the server increase the ping speed for all the players in the game so they match the one with the highest?

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yeah sure, and treat us like pieces of *****s. And why is it that the ping was fine on the Beta, and is still fine on all older CODs?!? We all deserve good ping, no matter our location, at least let us connect to EU servers...

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Well then whats the point of buying a game that has no campaign and depends on online when you dont provide dedicated servers that are diverse enough for your player base, all we want is one server for ME, you have more than 5 servers for EU alone, so does that mean EU deserve to have more servers than us, we pay the same price and we want the same services and content. Take off one of the EU servers then. Its unfair for the players to buy an expensive game with the season pass and end up paying more than $100 then you cant even play the game. I wish I could get a refund for BO4 honestly, it was a waste of money, I actually thought maybe you would come to your senses but you dont even bother cuz you still get tons of profit either way so why even go through the trouble adding more servers. This company and this game are dead and im never buying any of your products again.

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Smiley Happy

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Bro we have met before online,thanks for helping me out during the beta, i really appreciate it....i couldnt get online if it wasnt for you and ill see you online later(Tip of The Spear), okay, KatZ be ranting up a storm here about the Middle East , if you have not visited the Middle East/ GCC Countries recently,.."Please Sit Down", if you have not lived as an expat working like myself in the middle east/GCC countries..."Please Sit down", let the real Slim Shady "Please stand up", ...Gents theres a huge following for COD here in the Middle east and some ***** good players, they are dissappointed to link up with servers from abroad and spoiling both sides experiences, from a business stand point, dude its the middle east,money is no issue, activision "needs" to provide dedicated servers in the region to eliviate connection issues and satisfy customers experiences online..simple, business this numbers that,its simple gents activision doesnt care, if they did we wouldnt be posted about it.It has to be done, end of story.


Note: If you disagree please do so in a polite fashion, we dont want the thread to end up several pages long..cheers guys

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i agree with you I'm from Bahrain we really hope to have a dedicated servers in our area and have smart matchmaking as if there's no players in your area extend the searching to European servers this only needed to play game modes like Hardcore TDM where it's impossible to have people in middle east playing it ..
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The Middle East won't get dedicated serververs because gameservers.com is the company behind the servers and Activision rented them.

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