More ways of obtaining Merits in blackout

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My suggestion is to add additional ways for people to unlock Merits while playing blackout. 


Make merit earning easier and more worthwhile, grant merits for the following things

Weapon camo unlocks - You get XP in MP for completing them, why not Merits in Blackout

Skin unlocks - you should get like 25-50 Merits when unlocking a character, it is quite the feat. 

Not thirsting enemies - Maybe grant an additional 5 merits per kill if the enemy bleeds out or dies by a whole team wipe, that way there is an incentive to not just kill everyone you down immediately. Risk vs reward

Distance kills grant extra merits - For every 100 meters or something, an extra merit is granted for getting a  longshot kill

Headshots grant an extra Merit - If the kill is a headshot, an extra merit is granted

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Survive for as long as you can each match - One of the main factors in earning Merits is placing highly in your games. ... This way, even if you don't place highly, at least you'll earn some Merits and improve your game in the process. Keep at it and you'll find your Merit earning rate will increase as you become better!

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