Multiplayer hacks/ cheats Xbox 1

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The definition  of

Appeal to Incredulity


Ones belief  that if a claim sounds unbelievable, it must not be true.


Shared From Logical Defence Application



Try looking up XxBRAEDENTxX or just search BRAEDENT.  Player went 51-1, 73-8 and 65-5 in 3 games.  Completed Master Killer at level 39.



Reprise: Just because it sounds unbelievable doesn't mean it isn't true. 

I hate hackers just as much as the next true gamer but, you can't claim something is a fact on someones or your own assumption. Do you know for a fact this BRAEDENT hacked or are you just assuming he did because of his stats. There are people that are as good if not better out there the world is full of people that can do amazing things that most would consider impossible by their own standards.

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Every person I've run across with a name surrounded by Xx and xX is some sort of hack. I have submitted video clips of them following me through walls, ADS with ZERO sway..I mean snap right to headshots without a quiver. Doesn't matter how the shot is taken and against what target. No human is that good. And, knowing exactly where you are on the map at all times.  I have a load out with all perks to bait these guys into awesome video clips.


Seen all of these behaviors on xbox1 and ps4.   Been submitting them to everyone I can and still see alot of these hacks playing.  These software companies give two $hits about hackers cause they all still have to buy the game.  Cuts into the revenue stream. 

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