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How are you guys doing it? I'm getting .50-.80 K/D a round. Is it just your playstyle or what can I learn from you guys. I would be happy with a 1.0.

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I am not a +2 kdr player, but am well over +1. They are most likely to tell you to learn the maps first. Always check your corners and not run blindly around them. I would say use the weapons that are most suited to how you play. Getting good at jumping and aiming at the same time seems to be very effective also. An Elite controller makes that easier(wish i had one for this game). You should have a good ping set up also. I am sure better players well come in with more than what i said. Good Luck. I would also start on bots to warm up before playing every time. Turn them on high. It won't hurt your numbers and always helps me get my timing down.

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It's called using tactics that other players cant use like a $500 headset, modpacks, camping. Iv noticed that alot of dogs on bo4 sit at a corner with there $500 head set when they hear you coming they jump around and spray theres no skill it's just taking advantage of having more money and it will *****ed there ears having volume that loud

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I have a 1.3. Depends on the game type and if your playing with a group of good players IMO. I play soloo all the time so I get some games where my teammates are usefless and it's a stryggle just to be above 1.0. 

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Based on my level (10) is a ratio for 3 games overall good ( the ratio is .75 a and growing)

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@grizzgolf wrote:

How are you guys doing it? I'm getting .50-.80 K/D a round. Is it just your playstyle or what can I learn from you guys. I would be happy with a 1.0.

So I am just clawing my way above 1.0 now (was a dismal .8 or so)


Learn the maps as discussed, learn to use you paylod and killstreaks effectively, a couple extra kills per round can really change your K/D


Don't be afraid to hip fire especially in CQB.


Don't wait to die until you use that scroestreak either, if you use it and saty alive it is just getting you closer to the next one and that extra kill.


bump up look speed just a touch get used to checking corners and rechecking if you turn aorund and go back the other way


practice on your accuracy as well as  aiming and hip firing while on walls and jumping


Don't always be the first though the door unles syou confident in your ability to kill whats on the other side


Check you connection regualrly anything under 4 bars you're meat.


If your are getting beat bad on a game slow down stop running, if you feel you need to camp, change the location often enough people can't hunt you down easily (1-2 kills GTFO).


Use cover to your advatage, sure lots of people are good at head shots and quick aimers but just as many arn't take the 50% chance they hit cover instead of your torso.


Hope that helps.

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Open your NAT, wire tour connection, if you are using a big tv make sure *game mode* is enablade.  This will be changer, connection is 60% of CoD. Than adapt your playstyle ame have fun learnning new tatics 

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@grizzgolf wrote:

How are you guys doing it? I'm getting .50-.80 K/D a round. Is it just your playstyle or what can I learn from you guys. I would be happy with a 1.0.

1) First be sure you do everything to get a good connection.

2) A good monitor is a game changer on FPS games, for some it could double your KD/SPM but not guaranteed.

3) Map awarness, your mini-map is probably the best strategic weapon in the game and because of that perks like hardwire might be too.

4) Practics your aim. Check out TheExclusiveAce's vidoes on aim and go shoot 100 to 200 bots before you play. Practice both twitch aim and regular aim..

5) Be aggressive but don't be stupid. I am guilty of this, if I get an easy lobby I just fly through the maps jumping and wall running all over the place. I learn my lesson really quickly once I jump into a match with more competitive players, I can't get away with that.
6) Part of map awareness but pay attention to what your team mates are doing and develop a strategy. I personally like to go where my team mates are not but there is a strategy to using your team mates to your advantage by following them. Also depends on game mode and type.

7) Pay attention to where you spawn in on each map and if it is not a common default spot, pay attention to where enemies are and your team is. This is huge in predicting enemy location once your understand the spawns. Although, this game has some really unpredictable occurences so it is bit harder than BO3 but still helpful.

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I had a 3.34 KD until Prestige 3 but then I started to do every single chanllenge for every weapon becuase I am going for the Solar and Black Sky so my actual KD when down to 2.43 Smiley Sad I only play Frontline or Hardcore Free For All

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Use NV4 - Fallout and synaptic/warfighter rig for most OPness. Lol.


There are 3 things you need to consider when trying to improve your performance in multiplayer.

- Aim speed

- Movement

- Positioning


Aim speed is very important and one the most important things to perfect. If your sensitivety is too high, you will miss the initial shots or find it quite difficult to keep the reticule on the moving target. The same thing applies for having your sensitively too low but makes it a lot more difficult to win firefights when someone is jumping through the air or manages to slip past you and turns around faster. You have to find your sweet spot because the better you can snap onto the target, the more likely you are going to win.


Movement is about how you want to get around the map and is directly related to Positioning. How you move around the map is a big game changer, especially for objective based game modes and free for all. Team Deathmatch is where this is unapplied because it's where people go just to mindless shoot things. How you manuver around the map can put you in better positions to take the enemy out, especially if you catch them from the side or offguard. Don't disregard the boost jump or wall running, it can really give you the upper hand when done correctly. Crouching is good against the people who can sound whore because crouching is silent.


Positioning is very important and requires good knowledge of the map layout, routes, surroundings, and the spawns for the particular game mode you are playing. If you play free for all, you need to know the spawns for the area you want to lock down or if you are playing Domination, you want to know all the routes to the objectives and any side route inbetween them that connect them together like a web. Being in a good position when engaging an enemy gives you an advantage but remember, you don't want to stay in the one spot for too long because the other team are going to try every single way to take you out. Switching from to and from positions in objective games is a good way to go about it.


I would highly recommend not doing Team Deathmatch and getting friends or randoms to play objective based game modes. Start a party and communicate, communcation is such an important factor for performing well in Call of Duty but it's not something you can just improve on by yourself.


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