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Except the nv4 is kinda crappy, and the fallout is one of the worst variants. The flatline is much better than fallout.

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I prefer the Vigilance. Flatline is really only the best NV4 variant for HC where obviously a one shot kill at every range is OP. That slower rate of fire is definitely noticeable in core and tactical. It's also much easier to limit your engagements to close quarters than limit your engagements to long range where you can take advantage of the infinite damage range.
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Hey I like the Fallout. Been hoping for the Flatline in a supply drop but I don't think it's going to happen.

My K/D is 3.45. I make sure I always focus on KD and nothing else. It's all the game is about. 👍
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I just started getting better at jumping and wall running and shooting. I had to reconfigure my buttons on my controller since i have a regular ps4 controller. That really helped me.

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Remapping a default DualShock 4's controls is perfect for games with advanced movement because you'll never need to splash out a ton more on a custom controller with paddles. I've had a remap profile (R1 to X) set up since before AW; all you have to do is hold down the PS button to bring up the quick menu and you've got a nice free alternative to a Scuf in seconds👍

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I held a 4.0kd throughout the lifecycle of BO3, and in IW I'm currently well below that at about 2.8. It feels and plays like a much harder game, but I believe it's for all the wrong reasons. The connections in IW are horrible compared to BO3, at least for me. The maps, I'll be honest, are absolutely atrocious. I'm learning them now and getting much better at them, but I have never seen spawns this crazy in any Call of Duty ever made. If Treyarch made the maps for this game, I can't help but believe I would be well above a 3.0 kd, but then again, Treyarch makes maps that are rational. Infinity Ward makes maps that are random, chaotic, and are known for inducing, "where the ***** did that guy come from" moments.
I guess my question for you is, how long have you been playing? If you just started, I would congratulate you on a 0.8 kd for this game. If not, and you've been playing for a couple years, you just need to get used to the maps, learn the spawns and know when the spawns are going to flip. Like I said, I've been playing COD for almost 10 years, and I've never seen spawns like this in a Call of Duty game. Pay attention to the HUD, know where your teammates are, and then realize when the enemy might be spawning behind you. Also, you HAVE to run a silencer in this game, once I started using it religiously, my KD jumped like .75 in like 2 weeks.
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I never use a silencer, and I'ma  sniper, so with a simi deceint KD 


I'm normaly one of the top three players of any game

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Watch'll learn the most overpowered setups, the cheapest headglitch/camp spots, and general overall "cheap" ways to play.

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While my overall KD is 1.7 and climbing, I've been averaging 2.3 over the past two months since I finished getting Black Sky. Best tips I can give you are to avoid going mid. For example, never push the center building on Precinct unless you are 100% sure that teammates are holding that down and you can move freely without having to worry about enemies. Also try to avoid 50/50 gunfights or don't try to attack people head on. Always try to flank and come up behind them instead of hitting them head on. All I can say is know the maps, know your weapon, and know your enemies.

Avoid trying to get revenge on campers. All that does is feed the campers and make them think they can stay there and have all their kills come to him. Let them come to you if you want a 50/50 gunfight. Never get caught in the open. Always move from cover to cover. Never just blindly sprint around the map. It's also important to watch the minimap and know where your teammates are spawning. Even if the entire enemy team is running Ghost and suppressors, knowing where your teammates are spawning tells you where the enemies are.

Scroll down to the Precinct callout map if you don't know the map callouts yet:

Going back to Precinct. Let's say you're in Tickets over watching Cat, and you see that you have teammates spawning at Park. You now know that the enemies are most likely spawning at Charging and are most likely pushing Street, Construction, and Lobby. I would say that if you teach yourself to recognize where your teammates are spawning that you could easily raise your KD by .5 at least. It could easily boost your KD by 1.5.

Other than knowing where your teammates are spawning, knowing the maps, and knowing your enemies. All that's left are your loadouts. If you're not running Ghost as perk 1, then you're doing it wrong. Weapons, run whatever you feel the most comfortable with but know what your weapon does well at and does poor at.

Controllers can also help a lot, but they aren't going to jump you up to a 2 KD by themselves. I'm using a cheap $20 wired controller, and I'm maintaining a 2 KD and am consistently at the top of the leaderboards nearly every game. Controllers will help in gunfights, but map knowledge and awareness are far more important. 

Here's the link TheXclusiveAce. He does a lot of tip videos as well as weapon reviews and map breakdowns:

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@grizzgolf wrote:

How are you guys doing it? I'm getting .50-.80 K/D a round. Is it just your playstyle or what can I learn from you guys. I would be happy with a 1.0.

I consider myself an above average player, not elite but I can dominate a lot of lobbies. That being said there are lot of players with much better stats and that are probably just better players than me.

My KD right now is 2.1 but that is after grinding out a lot of in game challenges including all the camo challenge which definitely dropped my stats down since I went through them very quickly. So with that info, here is what I have to say about getting better at this game.

Point #1 If it is within your means, put yourself as close to being on the same level as everyone else. Skill plays a big part in this game but connection can overcome skill in many cases. Technology upgrades I personally think are ones to consider and in the order of importance IMO. I am not the most knowledable person on this subject but this is what has worked for me.

A) Hardwire everything.

B) Monitor at 24" with low input lag and response time. Do your research on this caue you also want to understand other aspects of your monitor and how your game and other uses will be affected.

C) Do you research on this but consider a better router/modem. Netduma for me is important for COD since their matchmaking is just so utterly stupid and the DLC Map pack breaks up the  community even more causing a lot of connectivity issues. For example, I have a dedi in my backyard and IW genius matchmaking wants to put be on dedicated servers half way across the country which guarantees me a horrible experiece so the duma allows me to elliminate that server as an option. COD is the only game I play that requires me to do this. Online performance is not a priorty on any level with COD so expect in many matches you will be put at a disadvantage.

D) Updated controllers like scuff. This won't make your game that much better if any, just allow you to use the movements in the game with a little bit more ease. This should be the last of the four options in my opinion.

E) This is probably closer to #1 as importance but it is also quite often not an option and if it is a more expensive option for many, consider other ISP's. Do your research on your local area and find out if there are better gaming options. Be sure not to get fooled by faster speeds or more bandwidth, that is not the most important factors and quite honestly, a lot of the factors I couldn't even confidently discuss in detail unless it was identical to my situation, than I could at least speak from experience.

Once you get yourself fully optimized youare still going to get the typical COD bipolar behaviour so bad games even with the best setup are going to happen and many of them are just due to CODS just lack of awareness or care of how bad their game performs online. They are by far the worse of their competitors.

Point #2
In game I think the absolute most important tool, strategy, skill to have is map awareness. Lean the mini-maps, learn the common camping points, learn the head glitches. Use UAV, CUAV, Personal Radar and/or some of the other rig and weapon traits that help you predict enemy location. If you look at most pub-stompers in this game, they dominate lobbies because they are ridiculously good at map awareness, spawn and enemy prediction. When I do bad and get sloppy, quite often I can go back and tell I was not paying attention to the mini-map. 

Point #3
Focus on your twitch aim and staying on target. There are some youtubers that put out some good content on this. I think TheExclusiveAce had a really good tutorial on how to improve your aim back in BO3. That still applies to IW so go look that up and go shoot about 100 -200 bots in a custom game before jumping online. Will take some time but it helps a lot.

Point #4
Use that dam movement system, practice it and use it to your advantage. There are entirely too many corner campers, belly snipers and head glitchers in this game that don't move and they can't figure out why they lose so many gun fights.It is kind of common sense, a moving target is harder to hit. However, use it in a smart way. Those robots that you see flying throughout the whole map  that you can't kill every now and than, that is not smart. Those guys quite honestly often are able to do that cause they are on the better side of the connection. I know, cause when I get into easy lobbies I have no doubt those games are favoring me because of connection and I tend to stay off the ground for longer periods of time cause it is just fun to fly. It also has to do with their ability to twitch aim quickly while moving but don't be fooled, it is not always about skill or connection, a combo of both often.

Point #5
Learn to sound whore.  Dead silence and the Mini-Map are key factors in doing this as well as having a decent headset. It is also a good idea to mute players if your going full on try-hard.

There are som other tips but that are some of the key ones  I think. If you master point #2, map awareness, you will easily dominate a lot of lobbies assuming all other things are equal in the game.

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