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Mine is around 1.85 right now, and climbing.

I am just an average player, but it seems to me the trick is to first get to a point where you are comfortable with the basics. I feel like now even if I am not the best player, I am consistent and typically go positive in matches, and when I go negative it's only by a kill or two.This took me a long time. As much as I loved the early titles... I wasn't a consistently good player. Black Ops really helped me change that and become a better player when they introduced Combat Training. I was able to practice against Bots, which improved my aim, my awareness, my ability to effectively set up classes, and my ability to effectively use Scorestreaks.

I recommend spending some time playing against bots in Custom Matches. I usually play 1 v 6 (they used to allow more in older games, but 6 seems to be the limit here). I usually keep the Bots to Recruit level, but you can do whatever you want. I am not looking for a challenge from them, the numbers advantage they have is the challenge. I am mostly looking for targets. I use this to learn map flow and spawns, and practice how I move about the map effectively. I practice snapping on to a target, aiming while wall running, etc.

The biggest thing after the basics is learning the maps and the flow of the mode you like to play. FIND YOUR STYLE, don't try to emulate YouTubers or anyone else. Try to find a balance in your gaming style. Only camping won't work, nor will only rushing. Learn to move around the map tactically and with awareness as to where the enemy is likely to be and where your teammates are. Learn to strafe around corners using cover and pre-aiming locations the enemy is likely to be. Learn what setups work best for you and keep tweaking them until you find consistency.

Be patient and have fun, a little work and practice and you'll find yourself having better results.

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Well am hav over 2 points in amout of call of duty I play I think is fast reationg what make pleople by good look the mini map help a lot use a gun the u filling good will use slow score streak it u are na really a good player play  tmd fist then others it u are a one kill to get u strek no run like crazzy get it I then do wathever but is other stuff the can help like hav a computer monitor good internet I hope thin can help u guys good look

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My k/d currently sits at 1.46 overall across game modes (and still climbing) this is mainly because I'll use any weapon regardless of how good or not I am with it - the main thing is to learn your maps and spawns.

The best way to learn imo is to play domination. Generally each flag is a Key spawn point. Based on this, if you look at the minimap you will eventually get in to a habit of almost predicting where enemies will spawn.

Once you get the hang of it then you can lockdown main areas and learn when to push and rotate spawns.

Finally, make sure you always have at least one class with ghost and one blind eye class with a launcher. Nothing hurts k/d more than wardens!
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What I do to increase is practise in the shooting range. You can practice aiming, jumping and also dropping as you can shoot through the wood near the ground

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So this is coming from someone who's been very good at a handful of FPS's, is a COD4 OG, played all CoDs up until Advanced Warfare, & was completely new to the Advanced movement up until about 2-3 months ago when I decided to give IW a chance. I've never needed a Scuf & wasn't about to dish out extra $$ just to use one for the end of this games lifecyle. (so if you're in a similar boat, I highly suggest you follow these tips). Some tips have already been mentioned

1.) THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP --> is to use the Stick & Move button scheme, THEN, swap L3 & R3 in the PS button configuration settings. THIS IS EASILY THE BEST WAY TO PLAY IW WITHOUT A SCUFF CONTROLLER. The adjustment is incredibly simple, as the only thing you actually have to adapt to is having to click the Right stick to sprint, as opposed to left. (literally every FPS uses L3 to sprint, but, shortly after trying it out, you realize the adjustment is basically nothing). You then get to jump boost freely with the Left stick, while aiming freely with the Right. This WILL make you an infinitely better player, there is no doubt about it, this is absolutely the best way to play IW without a scuff

2.) Practice vs bots - as instructed by most people. Free-For-All, 11 bots on recruit or mixed difficulty, & a map you feel comfortable practicing on. Upping the Health from 100 to 150 is another option that can help build up important muscle memory regarding staying on target, & finishing people off. It's worth using those settings from time to time, but isn't always a necessity. I practice on Scrap every single time, think the map is wonderful for practicing all types of jumping maneuvers, & I do this with unlimited time & a 90 max score cap. Do it over & over & over again.

3.) Sensitivity - very important. Basically, the Lower the sens, the greater the Recoil control. The Higher you increase it, you're trading off recoil control in favor of quicker reactions for scenarios that honestly, don't always call for super high sens..... I typically go with a higher sensitivity on these games but it seemed to punish me more than help me in the beginning. You need to find the balance that feels good to you, with Recoil control being the more important attribute here. Find the best settings for Recoil without sacrificing too much swivel movement speed. I once was finding good success with 12/12 but eventually knocked it down to 7/7 - & it's led to massive improvement. Doing so requires you to hipfire a bit more often however, as sensitivity while ADS will take a hit. But, this is a welcomed addition to your arsenal, knowing when to hipfire will lead to more success in 1v1 encounters.

3.) Ghost/Dead Silence/Suppressor on nearly every single class - Idgaf. I don't want to hear it lol. GHOST & DEAD SILENCE on AT LEAST your 3 best "go-to" classes. I'd suggest 2 AR classes & an SMG class you really, really trust. I run the Karma & Invective with Silencer/Dexterity, & these are my 2 best classes, easily. Type 2 is my #3 when I need a little more versatility or just to change things up. Running Ghost is pretty much Mandatory, & if you play solo like myself, don't ***** around. Use Dead Silence. I can't tell you how many times I hear a wall run or jump boost & IMMEDIATELY check the mini map for surrounding teammates . & see none.... I also Flank like crazy, so dead silence is a must.

4.) A class or 2 with BLIND EYE equipped - For obvious reasons lol. ***** those corny ass deaths from those puss boy Turret stations. I've got a 2nd Type 2 class with Blindeye, alongside a Modular RPR class with Blind eye & Hardwired (on top of Ghost/dead silence ofc), so just be prepared for crap like that

5.) Learning the Maps & the Spawns - It's pretty much the most important tip with any FPS. It's a bit difficult tbh & ultimately time consuming. You'll have to put up with the trial & error, it is what it is, but the knowledge does come around eventually.

6.) If you're new to game somehow.... Avoid the Base maps in the beginning. ***** them *****s lol. You'll be cannon fodder & nothing more. People only choose the best kill whroring maps over & over again & it's not much of an environment where you can improve. Stick to the DLC that's available & hone your skills there for a bit, but again really only if you're totally new to IW

7.) Learn from your mistakes. Don't feed anyone kills by playing like a stubborn dumbass. However, don't accept being anyone's target practice, ever, emphasise being a difficult target to shoot down. Try to avoid the center of the map & blah blah blah, ect.

I was genuinely terrible at this game at first, K/D was .389 after my first 10 hours or so of gameplay, but I've turned it around massively. I've pretty much gone from Warfighter --> Synaptic --> Phantom rigs, sticking with each for weeks at a time, & my K/D on each rig is 1.23, 1.71, & 2.15 respectively. So the gradual improvement is clearly there. Have over 2k kills for each rig too so it's no fluke. Not bad at all for someone so late to the party, & I'm only getting better, everything's going up, as I've only recently swapped over to the custom stick & move layout.  these tips can help out people in a similar spot, cheers

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my average k/d is 2.00 with a 574 avraging spm I play domination, kill confirmed, TDM. 


 do not camp if you camp it’s going to cost you on both scores. 


My best match was 24 kill streak on shipment once almost that v2 rocket. 


Get used to aiming the best place is the neck it kills enemy’s very quick on standard and instantly on HC. 


Also take aim assist off it can mess up your shots. The system is made for chest shots with aim assist on. 





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If you on ps4 cant teach but shid down to hop in game with ya i have a 2.04 kd as of now follow on Instagram tho 😌 thug_lyfe96

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Nah but on a serious note i dont worry about winning its just a plus if it happens you can drop 25 kills 6 deaths still loose because your team is trash dont worry about winning the game focus on getting kills learn the map and stay looking at your mini map itll guide you itll let you see where the people you trying to smoke at and if you see it was a big gun fight  on one side more than likely thw ones who died will spawn in a empty spot on your map head their and youll catch them off guard not spawn trapping you keep moving threw the map and find locations where your teammate are not at it might sound weird but it's a solid go to for me i can show proof of what im talking about in game 😌🔜

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