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 Now that it has been established that genesis is basically strikezone aka dome I wanted to know everyone's opinions on reusing maps . 

OK so nuke town has made more comebacks than tiger Woods and there are a load of others that have been rehashed ( firing range, summit etc)

But these are usually on dlcs so there is the option to buy . If you don't want to play old maps then you don't have to buy the dlc . 

To put an old map into the main cycle of a new title makes me feel a little cheated and makes me view the devs as a bit lazy . Now I know that they have a lot to do but they had 3 years . Couldn't they have made a new map instead of copying and pasteing a layout and brushing it up a bit . The map designs aren't the best anyway in my opinion so this just adds to the frustration . 

With all the arguments about microtransactions and ' pay to win ' you think the devs would have been more careful about looking like cheapskates 

Your opinions guys ?

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Mmm..maps are oppinions..some like some dont. I actually like them. Theyre fun..not too big and too small. Yes some are maybe slightly samey, but I enjoy ALL of them which for me is the main thing.

        Terminal is part of the 13 maps, well maybe you could moan, but its a great map and it looks terrific, so I dont care really, although yes, maybe it shouldve been dlc. I dont see the Dome argument, Ive not made that connection personally and I love Dome. Some maps do remind me of others but again..thats a good thing, makes me feel at home with the game. 

        I think theyve just tried to play it safe..wirks for me.

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I agree old map makes me feel cheated as well not to mention ps get cod early when I pay just as much that's coming from someone who played ever since modern warfare but the old maps with the money they make from all platforms they can make things different 



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