Servers, Matchmaking is still absolute trash in this game.

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I have read the denkirson post regarding Lag compensation in Cod, yet I still can't figure out how, exactly, it is applied. Is the lag compensation the same for every CoD title, or do the devs have some control over this? Does each title have their own netcode developed by the studio? I know I could probably look this up, but I usually end up confusing myself.

The reason I am even mentioning these things here is because I see a lot of dedicated server complaints, but even with dedicated servers, wouldnt we still be subject to lag compensation? I know that the idea is to populate a lobby in a way so as to avoid giving an advantage to players with better Internet connections, yet I don't understand why, then, it becomes such an important issue to hardwire and port forward our connections if our connection is just going to be slowed down to accommodate the wifi player. 

I'm just trying to think of a reason that the connections seem so wonky. 


I believe the problem starts with the way the game was designed and never updated. There has been a lot of talk about how archaic the engine/coding COD uses which prevents them from competeing on the same level of other shooters that are more current far superior with online performance. Some have stated the game is trying to do more than it can handle. We now know it is not a console issue since I am on the new PS4 Pro, the console is not longer a variable, at least for me and there has not been an increase of performance, actually it seem as though it is quite the opposite, got worst. As far as lag comp, I believe each game can be tweaked just based off some talk at the launch of the game that supposedly the devs adjusted this but not sure how reliable that info is.

All we can do is improve our side of the transaction and from my experience and many others, it is not a user side issue. COD just fails horribly in this area of online gaming. So the only conclusion I can come to is it's a combination of mistakes and poor efforts of the DEVS, the game engine / coding, the choice of how to handle servers and possible how they handle lag comp. Throw into that their obvious matchmaking issues, this game has been a massive fail in online performance and it is unlikely it will ever get better.

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