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The Auger needs a nerf.

It's the best gun in the game hands down. No gun matches up with it

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Your video is "unavailable" and your opinion is wrong.

The auger is good but nowhere near OP.

Please stop feeding into the whiney "nerf pl0x" culture. Everyone has something they don't like dying to. Something can be strong without being overpowered.

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Try this link.

Anyhow, the auger is your go to weapon?

You must not  been up against someone really using that crap

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Ive used the auger and it hasnt been as affective for me. Im not to much of a face to face guy so not having accuracy or range isn't the best. Ive tried useing the epic akimbo and couldn Do much with it. I fires fast but was still getting killed up close. Without being able to aim your just shooting hoping youbhit the opponent.

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No it’s op, instead of just calling people out for “complaint because they died” how about you actually take a step back and see why they might be mentioning this. The auger has a decent rate of fire and with certain attachments it’s capable of two shooting an enemy. No matter how good your aim is, or how fast your gun shoots 5-6, sometimes 7, shots is gonna lose to 2 10/10. It’s ridiculous. Then again there are way more guns than just the auger that have issues, but of course if that’s peoples favorite gun then oh noooooo this gun is perfectly fine, it doesn’t need a nerf. Typical...

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The Epic dual wield ones need a major buff 😏...just snagged them yesterday and was actually excited to try them..garbage..needs a RoF buff..either that or the team I played against were just too sweaty to let me enjoy a match with a gimmick weapon 😝...(I'll admit I haven't tried them since)


But yeah, no the Auger is fine...there's plenty that beat it at all ranges...

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The only thing that annoys me about the Auger is the sound it makes.
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In every cod I try to get all the Camos for every weapon as soon as possible. So I try every weapon. But I have to say that you can win a gunfight with every weapon. If a weapon is OP you have to rake a different approach. But I challenge myself and try to win from every gun with a simple handgun. And with the right aproach you can do that even if a weapon is OP. A benefit from that is when you switch back to smg after using a handgun for a month you smoke everybody with ease.

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its a good gun but not the best i dont think they should attempt balancing anymore guns anways it always seems to mess up the game. even now all i want to use is the karma since its deadly.


the wierd thing about the auger is it seems to kill me in 1 bullet (not actually but it sure seems like it sometimes) but i cant use it when i equip it to save my life.

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