Weird Weapons and Winning Tactics: The Karma Demios

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With the double mission team xp this weekend, some of the stronger players have brute forced their way through Blood Anvil trying to unlock this.   I am among them, but I wasn't quite good enough. I am still in the low 30's on blood anvil.  I know I don't get a huge number of views or comments on these topics. But, I do them mostly for a small group of friends I play with on the Xbox one and whoever else wants to read them.   A good friend of mine got the long grind done this weekend and I got a message from him. He wanted me to meet up and put this thing through its paces.   So, I am doing this write up as a reward for him letting me try the gun early.


The Deimos is the mission team reward for grinding blood anvil to level 50. Given the difficulty of the challenges with that mission team.  An average player will likely take between 40 and 80 hours of multiplayer to grind this out.  Now, if you took advantage of the double mission team xp this weekend you might be well on your way. But, it's just one of those rewards for playing the game long term. It is something to consider when deciding how much you want this gun.


The Gun: 


When looking at the Deimos we should start with the base karma 45.  The weapon has a 769 RPM with omnidirectional low recoil.  The kick on the karma is pretty light and slightly favors going to the left. Knowing this it's possible to use this weapon at extended ranges, but the low damage will put you at a disadvantage against most ARs.  The Karma is a 4 shot kill out to 14.5 meters and 5 shots out to 20, after that it drops off to 6.  The Karma is also unusual in that it has 2 magazines. Each has 21 rounds giving it a 42 round capacity overall. When you go to reload the weapon takes about 1.4 seconds per magazine.   Aside from that it has the typical SMG handling.  This makes the Karma 45 a well-rounded SMG with comfortable recoil and the biggest ammunition pool.  It gets beat out up close by most of its peers and loses out to the ARs at range because of the low damage. However, these disadvantages are just slight and the low recoil and generous magazine make the Karma a more forgiving and flexible weapon.


The Deimos modifies the base Karma in 4 ways. First, it brings the base magazine up from 42 to 48 rounds, a nice hidden bonus. Secondly it changes the front iron sights to the enclose circle present on the phobos version of the gun.  Third it has the stability perk slightly helping with the recoil.  Finally, we have the berserker perk which is the main focus of this gun.  With this weapon perk every time you get a kill the gun grants you two significant bonuses. First, it raises your fire rate to a little over 900 rpm.  Secondly, it cuts your recoil by 35%.  This means you have the RPR Evo in SMG mode with double the range and no recoil at all.  The catch is that this bonus only lasts for 3 seconds.  Getting another kill resets the timer. 


The Build:


Overall, the Deimos is just a slightly upgraded variant of the base karma aside from the berserk perk.  So, if you want to do well with this gun you need to design a class around this strength. For that 3 second duration nothing in the game short of a shotgun can compete with you inside of 20 meters. So, this dominance only last as long as you can keep a kill chain alive. My friend who let me test the weapon used this exact build and got 2 60+ kill TDMs will it yesterday. So, in skilled hands this weapon can dominate. 


Primary Weapon: Karma 45 Deimos

Attachments: Quickdraw, Extended Mags, Rifled Barrel

Perk 1: Dexterity, Recon

Perk 2: Hardline

Perk 3: Hardwired


Rig: Synaptic Rewind Propulsion


The Deimos low recoil favors aimed fire over hipfire so quickdraw is the obvious attachment to improve your reaction time on the go.  Rifled Barrel will extend your 4 shot range to around 19 meters and your 5 shot kill to 24.5 giving you a little more competitive edge at mid-range. Finally extended mags brings the Deimos up to a 72 round clip. The Karma's dual reload can waste a whole berserk duration. Having 72 rounds means you can kill 4 to 5 people in a row without needed to stop and refill your mag.  The perks on offer are designed to complement this set of abilities well. 


Dexterity will cut the reload of a single magazine to .7 seconds if you have a spare moment between engagements and need a little more ammo.  Recon gives you a wider minimap and will steal the first sweep of an enemy UAV letting you find someone to kill with more ease.  Likewise, hardwired keeps your minimap always up and offer some protection from a few annoying abilities. Last we have hardline. Playing aggressively like this can often get you killed. Hardline will let you reach a mid-tier streak even if you only get 4 to 6 kills out of one berserk. 


Last we have synaptic propulsion. This will give you the highest amount of mobility available in the game. Likewise, rewind can be used to get yourself out of a jam or just to refill your magazine if you want to skip the reload.  Overall, this is just a mobile aggressive slaying class. That is what this weapon is good for and really how you should employ it.  There are no stealth perks on this build intentionally. If a lower skilled players is hunting red dots on the radar. They are going to be outmatched by the berserk ability if they find you at the wrong time.  Having them come to you makes it easier to keep a streak alive.


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I'm doing the grind right now. Love the karma and thanks for the write up. Will soon unlock the nuke variant and although I'm going for camo challenges I will be using it quite a bit.

Thanks man I'm excited now 👍
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Appreciate the time it took for the write up. I wish I had more time to grind these levels out or another double mission team XP weekend. I put in 4 1/2 hours last night and only gained 3 MT levels and I was completing most all of the challenges. To say its a grind is putting it mildly. 


Now if anyone at infinity ward reads this. Please do NOT nerf this thing! If I grind all this out only for it to get nerfed a week after I get it that would be a huge letdown.

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I have got a doozy of a rebuttal for you guys talking about the Phobos. I’ve been a casual try hard since mw1 played every game since save for BO1 because I thought the graphics to separate the characters from the environment were trash. I’ve been running the nv4 honey bee as if it was the only gun that would kill anything for oh idk 3K kills or so. I’ve got 7 days in the game and 3-4 days of that was all nv4 honey B and dual shot gun kills. The Phobos was one step towards changing all that. Somewhere near the 2500 kill mark I just felt...stale like it was all an equation. I didn’t want to be so dependent upon just this weapon and I knew there had to be more versatility to my game. After keeping loose track of what I was dying most from I determined that Phobos was up there. And I set out to acquire Phobos. I used to feel good if I went 2.0 and was hard on myself if I ever went negative-that’s all changed now. The last 5 days of gameplay have been a 180 from that. 


Phobos QD Silencer 

blind eye



2 personal radar 

now all my classes are only slight variations of this 

Erad her lethal there 

the key to this is is the rig

warfighter has always been my fav because the overclock allows me to flank like no other and on sticky situations I can run away-reload-return and decimate. I used to run ping however the resupply trait allows me to re up on those radars and as they run off of heat the only way to counter it is with cold blooded....nobody runs cold blooded and therefore I am 98% of the time able to be facing the direction of the nearest combatant.if I’m running and gunning I know how many-and how far they are from me they may be. I’m able to make educated engagements by picking on one guy instead of running into a gangbang of 3-4 guys where I have no chance of surviving.

In the last 3 days I’ve reset every one of my records.

27 kill streak 

56 kills in a game 

46 best KD in a game. I’m hard on myself if I get under a 3.5 KD now. 


I see multiple 10-15-20 kill streaks in a single game...Every game. I hated the karma 45 because I thought the ammo stock was to compensate for its poor performance- I was wrong

All I can see making an impact now is Deimos, another 30 hours of game time and she’ll be mine. 

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