What has Steam done for the user???

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I bought  IW from Amazon, and Steam has entangled it in a dizzying circle of doubting my ownership,  requiring me to buy the game when somehow, the 6 discs I loaded are not recognized.  I don't have the desire to solve problems through their endless emails, when a phone call could solve it.   They just don't get it ...the software's my property yet their server has to control my access by requiring me to log in, correct user names, passswords they have lost, etc etc. I  just want to get on there and shoot people from the ir industry ( joke)


Because they want to make a buck on teenagers needing deep social interaction, they constantly block my access whenevr I get on  (most times) amd want me to buy Angry  Buttsurfers.  Why did they ever get involved  when in the end, the safety screens, etc they put me through to prove I own the 'non-existent" game causes so much frustration, i'ld rather play wbased games.anjd dump ypour gig all tpgether. Sorry, the frustration they cause simply looses you a customer..........me.

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