Ww2 pc players, server browser issue

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Ww2 pc players, server browser issue

So, callofduty is dying on pc. With every new release first month player are decreasing. People are losing trust & interest in develpors as well as Activision.

Funny thing is, this is not because of callofduty gameplay or anything going on with it being some or what community says or other games are better or graphic are not good...

These things are problem when you get into the game. Graphics, gameplay matters when you are able to play the game. 

Infinite warfare was released on last november, it was difficult to find matches in its first week of release.

Was it because of low player count? No

because there were 15k were players online in IW that time and i was also playing mw2 where 700players were online and i can still find matches in 1-3min max. Definately my connection was not a problem. Here an other example. Right now in ghost there were 151players online in Cod ghost 147in Tdm playlist and how the hell i can still find a match in less than 40seconds and with ping feels like 20-40ms? While in iw 15k player but still can't find a match? What is the fukin reason? Let me tell you reality, u guys are more busy in making varients of gun than necessary stuff. 

You wanna make varients go ahead. But why people are gonna buy them if they can't even get into a match or lobby? Or can't even use what they bought.


Well i can see both ghost & mw2 runs on p2p system. While aw, bo3, iw runs on dedicated server. And hell aw can't even find matches when there is a huge list of people who want to play that game regularly but can't because devs were busy develping another game while first release is not even working.


So here's my point...

How much money it takes more to give player dedicated server browser????????

Even if you are greedy so much what it takes to give just a server browser? Which just shows hosted lobbies?


I can tell you thousands didn't bought iw on pc because their friends how bought iw told them how to are struggling half an hour to find a lobby with 300+ ping. Is that what call of duty has been reduced to??


Well its funny your competitor how are not making money like you and even called as wrost publisher in 2016 are giving dedicated servers, server browser, better graphic with less hardware requirment and you still living in the past... in case you didn't get it i am talking about EA and their battlefield.


I can easily go and log in to bf3 and in seconds choose a server which i want to play? How original is that you see?  OH they are earning from host servers too. But you are struck in doing what you want, not what gonna profit both you and gamers that might increase you player base too.


Now why would i buy ww2? When i know in 2-3weeks max i will be struggling to find a lobby? Just because you are scared to give a server browser?


Well if ypur game is good on pc people are gonna buy them on consoles and as well as pc too. Other wise you are already dying. On steam.

 Even tho you will see world war setting will do nothing to extend your player base on pc steam.

What players want is server browser & smooth game. Which you are denying to give for no reason. No one want to be feel like a kid and want your crapy system to find a match/lobby for him. We are good enough to select a server and it will help us play on dlc only servers too & will increase your dlc purchases.

But no yu wamt to get *****ed by others publishers. 

server browser, server browser,

server browser

 And you will see more people will be playing worldatwar than ww2 in few months because i can go and click on server to join instead of waiting 40mins to get a lobby with unplayable ping.

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