how to get my community name


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Id like to know myself

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Hi there,

Try the following steps to see if you can access your profile to change your name.


1) Click on your name in the top right corner, to open a sub menu

2) Then click on Account Profile 

3) Select Basic Info on the page it opens


There you should see your profile name, with an option to edit at the side of it. Once you have changed your name, you will need to log out of the site and then log back in. Hopefully, this prompts the site to change your details.


If you are still having difficulties, then I would suggest sending one of the community managers a PM, to see if they can further assist you.


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This does Not solve the issue. When u click on what u mentioned it doesn't take you to no basic info it takes you directly to the community name problem which keeps saying name already taken stuff. Can we get a actual solve to this plz


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when i do this i get the same thing asking me for my community name and password 

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Unfortunately it's 4 random characters you have to create (yourself) but be careful almost all are tooken... it'll take a while but you figure one out for characters only I used ( l i l l) god luck 

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