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COD 2019

Dear Infinity Ward,


If the rumors are true, and your studio will be producing the next COD game (Modern Warfare 4), please include these things. Please, don’t destroy this series like how Treyarch did with Black Ops. Modern Warfare is my favorite series out of all the COD games. I think I speak for the majority of the community when I say “don’t try zombies like Black Ops and bring back survival mode!” MW4 needs spec ops too. MW3 was possibly the best Modern Warfar game just because of survival mode, I remember the endless hours I spent playing that mode with my friends; it was such a good addition to the game. In addition, please don’t make this game another futuristic catastrophe, if the community wanted that we would go play Titanfall or some other failed FPS. Stick to the roots of what made COD an amazing success! All I can hope for is for you guys to make an amazing game that will revive COD.


With Love,

A hopeful player

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