Did The PC (Politically Correct) War lead COD to embrace Future War Fantasy vs. Real World Conflicts?

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Did The PC (Politically Correct) War lead COD to e...

Hi all,


i wanted to get the opinion of the community as I have been thinking a lot about this the last couple of years.


In the argument that has been raging about whether COD should remain a Future War game vs. whether it should return to quasi-historical based situations, I don't believe I have ever heard this point brought up.


I believe the number one factor that has led to the push for Future War scenarios over events built on historical conflicts comes down to Activision not wanting to court controversy in the larger non-gaming realm of public opinion.


Specifically, I believe the public reaction to the mission "No Russian" was the turning point that changed how Activision wanted to proceed with storylines afterwards.  It was only after MW2 that the major news organizations started bashing Activision for gameplay that involved shooting foreigners by players who had to play as soldiers of Western countries.  


While this change took a few years to fully take effect due to build schedules, I believe it is now the main factor for the faceless bad guys in the modern games and the future setting which comes with all the tech advances such as jet packs.


in other words, I believe Activision simply didn't want the controversy that historical, reality based games COULD bring.


What do you think?



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Re: Did The PC (Politically Correct) War lead COD ...

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I'm sure that had some influence.... but these big companies that have controversy and lawsuits also bring a lot of attention and can boost sales. Then again, when you're on the top and already have tens of millions... why take risk, right?  Even Treyarch Zombies which was once "Nazi Zombies" has toned down on that historical references greatly.


It's interesting you bring up the change around MW2, because I remember when Activision bought the rights to web names....  http://www.gamespot.com/articles/activision-registers-sci-fi-call-of-duty-domains/1100-6262495/


I think the sway to the future also has to do with the extra capabilities they have with the new gens. Trying to innovate with movement has definitely been a focus that I'm sure wasn't feasible with the older gens. Now they can keep that great FPS feel and expand that solid look while wallrunning, sliding, dashing, dodging, etc..


While I love that "quasi-historical" based game play... I'm not sure where CoD would inject this extra power ...more customization? ....bigger maps?  ....vehicles?  ...destructive buildings?   It's hard decisions to make that have the risk of losing that CoD dna. Sure the jet packs, specialists, and future setting test that dna as well... but it also creates a new experience.


I really hope to see CoD go back to it's roots. Only the future will tell. Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Did The PC (Politically Correct) War lead COD ...

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Re: Did The PC (Politically Correct) War lead COD ...

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I don't think so, I think campers lead to boost jumping, I mean look at Advanced Warfare, it was the most fat paced CoD so far and nobody was camping, everyone was actually running around.  They are making another WW2 game, I am guessing that the main theme in it will be campers everywhere.

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