Looking for infiniti ward to sponcer and help invest a project of mine please.. truth, trust, hope, friend, loyal, faith, love, action...

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Looking for infiniti ward to sponcer and help inve...

hello Infiniti ward my name is Stephen Paul butts I live in aurora Missouri and my email is [RBM]  I am a huge fan and would like for you to help me in my new business my plan is to build a small amusement park and in that park I would like Infiniti to build a paint ball course that is a replica of one of your own so that people can play call of duty in real life with paintball guns, the park will be a tactical park, that has paintball, laser tag, water team obstacles, rock climbing and repelling, ninja obstacles and playgrounds for kids and adults will even have mini nurf war mazes for kids, will teach people the importance of security and protection wile helping become physically fit, will have par core, will ha e first aid training facilities and campgrounds, will teach people how to fish amd hunt in wildlife and have bow obstacles and target hunting, I have many plans for this park but you are my inspiration, my hope, my reason for wanting to do good and help the people, and I would love your support in helping build a real life team death match map on my park, everything is still in the beginning fase and I'm hoping with the rite people and the rite help I i cam make this amazing dream of mine come true, please message me, call me, email me day or night the importance of you being involved in this is thw difference between having something ordinary and something extroextraordinary, you are the hope and love and inspiration of so many people and I would like you to take it to the next step and let people be apart of what you do on in reality... This this is my dream and I will build it with the rite help and the rite funding, I have the ideas I have plans being put together all I need is a little support and a little help, I hope to have other sponcers and investors to, but you are my very first stop... I need you, the people needs you, the world needs you, please help me so I can further help them... 

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Re: Looking for infiniti ward to sponcer and help ...

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Rite help and  rite funding...


Translation: I have a dumb idea that I would like someone else to foot the bill for.


Pull it together, buddy. I don't know if you were serious, joking, or high as hell. 

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