Call of duty Black opps 2 pc Windows 10

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Call of duty Black opps 2 pc Windows 10


Hi community, so i just installed Windows 10 Pro x64 and all my games, apps,etc. but im having trouble with Black Ops 2.

It crashes when i try to start the game, with a "unhandled exception caught". I once made it into a game, played a match but as soon the match finished the game crased again.


I tried all sort of things to resolve this:

Reinstalled Directx & runtime files (vcredist_x86) from "redist-directory" in main folder.

Tried running in compability mode with windows 7/8, run as admistrator.

Disabled antivirus, turned off steam overlay.

Not running any overlay apps, like MSI Afterburn, fraps,etc.

Verify cache intergrity, even redownloaded/reinstalled on different drive.


Nothing of these methods helped. First i thought its Windows 10 related but i heard some people actually playing the game with no problems.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..

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