Can't get into "Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare", can this be fixed for my Steam account ?

Infinite Warfare PC

Can "Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare"(IW) be fixed for my original Steam account, which purchased the game ?


In the meantime the second account in my family, which is named WhtWhrWhn, can successfully start IW (running on PC), but my original account, named MultiplyDivide, cannot do so any more, although for_6_weeks upon purchase (end 2016) it had been playing without a problem.  In a way I'm still lucky to have found that our secondary account can run the game through Steam's "Family Library Sharing", but I'm looking for a way to fix the situation for my original Steam account (MultiplyDivide, whose VAC Status sure enough is "No VAC Bans on Account").


The manifestation of my original account's problem is that launching IW at most brings up its splash image for a number of seconds (showing the game title in big white and yellow print), and an initial tune may very briefly start playing, upon which IW instantly dies, so IW already crashes even before the expected appearance of "Infinityward » Raven » Activision" splashes and definitely before the IW game environment and the session's initial menus get up and running on the system.  Instead, a Windows based message box "Call of Duty Game has stopped working" appears, stating that "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly; Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." From that error dialog, choosing "Debug" brings up another window from which I noted ::

"An unhandled win32 exception occurred in iw7_ship.exe [13860]". The bracketed number changes from one attempt to another.


My Windows 10.x64 level at time of purchase and when the problem arrived was Anniversary update, next the problem persisted under CreatorsUpdate, and it continues in_Fall Creators Update. Testing on Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and on Windows 7, on my Asus N56JN laptop, on_an_Acer Aspire E17 laptop, a Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop, an Asus tower and other, running on nVidia GeForce GT 730M, 840M, GTX 1050, or GTX 1060 graphics, all of it results in the same initial crash


Using nVidia's Control Panel for configuring IW, if not the whole system, to use only nVidia and no basic Intel HD Graphics 4000 or 4600 etc. makes no difference.

Attempting to run the game in its Safe Mode, as it suggests upon a preceding failure, also leads nowhere : same initial crash.


Steam reports that I have played 40 hours and have unlocked 11/88 (13%) Achievements. That's where I am stuck since the game screwed up. But as said, meanwhile our other account, through Steam's "Family Library Sharing", can successfully start and run the game without crashing.


I guess I need a full reset regarding IW of my Steam account (user name "multiplydivide", no quotes) in order to make the game playable again for me. But how ? Or can any other solution be imagined ? If my achievements etc. have to be sacrificed, so be it.

Can this problem be fixed ?

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