Game does not start

Infinite Warfare PC

Game does not start

Hey board,


I just purchased the game and activated it on steam, so no possibility for a refund Smiley Sad


The game does not start, the process just goes to the background, and nothing happens.


Installed via steam on a separate library hard disk.

I7 8700k, 16GB Ram, 1080Ti, 34" screen, Win 10 Pro.


What can I do?


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Re: Game does not start

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Hey there, 

Sorry to hear you are running into that and thanks for all of the info. Your hardware all sounds great for that, so the first thing I would do is perform Verify Integrity of the Game Files. Also, make sure your drivers for your 1080Ti are updated and that Windows itself is updated fully. After all of that, if it still isn't launching, try launching Infinite Warfare in admin mode or in safe mode.

Let me know how all of that goes or if you have any questions. Thanks. 


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