Hello PC = Hello Aimbot?

Infinite Warfare PC

Hello PC = Hello Aimbot?

Well I have been playing COD-IW for a bit now (somewhat reluctantly) in fact i just stopped playing to write this. I truly beleive at this point that activision has been thoroughly been beaten by the "Aim-Bot". It is so sad to cross over from consoles just to see the same thing that killed counter strike for me so many years ago. And whats worse,,, it dosent seem like activision is doing anything about it whatsoever. One might even be able to go so far as to say that activision simply dosent care. I mean if you look at what Blizzard (seperate game company) has done to stop hacking i cant help but think Activision is really failing here. I mean how about some AI anti cheating, it most definetly isnt too much to ask for from a AAA title. I mean other AAA titles are even using AI for game mechanics. One thing i can see coming in the near future is the death of COD if things dont end up changing. I have reported and reported until the point of which i felt like a reporting ddos machine and frankly im sick of seeing the same people im reporting day after day. Theres no ability to block myself from playing with these people (like a do not call list). theres no way for me to select not to rejoin the same group 8x in a row. theres no way for me to create a match and wait it out drawing in new people that are fleeing the aim bots. quite simply there is nothing, NOTHING LOL. which leaves me feeling like all im looking at is a program that is made to draw money out of peoples pockets because thier sick of getting merdured and thing the guns thier using might have something to do with it, so they buy a few times then rough it out through the aim bots only to realize the whole time they were just chasing some pipe dream and the only way to be competitive is to go and subscribe (yes you have to subscribe) to an aim-bot service. Which then tips the balance in your favor its not even funny (ok well maybe a little bit) but it cuts any semblance of fairness or balance out of the game. And if there is one thing a PVP game needs its balance, and without it the game is destined to fail.



Record the friggin games yourself okay BRO, dont be a mandingus and make us try and record hackers WERE TRYING TO GAME HERE AND WE PAID YOU FOR GAMING NOT TO BECOME ANTI HACKER BOTS FOR YOUR BROKEN CRAP

Install multiple AI players on each team (that are invisible) but still have all the hitboxes and stuff for the aimbots to hit (other games employ this type of tactic with much success)

Employ AI to watch the game code and make sure nothing "funny" is happening, and automatically kick and warn players suspected of cheating with a notice that thier account will get banned if they continue.

Allow a process for people that might have gotten banned to get back thier account if they are able to prove they were not running any cheating software or hardware.

create a way for the game to snapshot running applications, and hardware on the given end user PC to ensure they are not cheating.


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