Multiple Aimbots lately

Infinite Warfare PC

Aimbots number has increased significantly past week. Meet two of them in the same lobby. The guy has commented that they were amateurs as they don’t know how to tune down aimbotting by aiming the player box, not head. This is terrible as who knows how many players know how to tune down cheating. The alanpanzer was criticized during the game and has somehow tuned down his aimbot near the end of the game (see video below). CFW has full aimbot engaged. Both of them followed us for several games. Pay attention that CFW has 139/1 kill/death ratio over the last 5 games. That alone should raise flags for banning in Steam and COD. Somehow it hasn't and they keep playing on and on.



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Like all of these companies they really do not care about all of the hacks out there as long as they continue to get money coming in.  I friend sent me a video of a kid in boot camp jumping all over the ***** place claiming he had mad skills on the battle field.  This same kid asked the range master where the aimbot was for his rifle.........

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