Tired of crap scrub players and their crying

Infinite Warfare PC

Tired of crap scrub players and their crying

The hackers are bad enough in IW for PC but what is getting almost as bad is the crying crap players with less than a 1.0 kdr crying hacks because you are better. I am not saying i am the best alot of players out there better than me but I am good and i have a 2.2 kdr. All i hear is if you have above a 2 kdr you are a hacker. Proves that this world if full of morons with no common sense or logic. I wish they had something you can put on your steam account that says you are not a hacker like the game and vac bans show up on the steam profiles like you are approved legit by Steam or something.  I hope an admin comes in here and says that i am not hacking so i can post it on my steam profile. 


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Re: Tired of crap scrub players and their crying

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Right? I like the logic..."no way you're better than me"...it's always the guys with like .47 kdr that complain too...shm... Trust me, enough of us play together and it's easy to see who's actually hacking...and it's very few. 

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