What Happened to call of duty? from great to hate.

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What Happened to call of duty? from great to hate.

Let me start by saying i am or was a great fan of the COD franchise. For me it all started years ago with call of duty 3, but when i really fell in love as i am sure many can agree was COD 4 modern warfare. The game had its issues for sure with objects you would get stuck on while backing up in a fight, etc. But it was so much fun and a fresh take on realism vs the Halo franchise. Then COD and I both enjoyed the next few years together up until about COD black ops 2 (normally skipping the WW2/Vietnam era stuff). i beleive the peak of COD gameplay was in COD modern warfare 2, or black ops 1 (if you cut out the melee factor).


But by COD black ops 1, the love had started to wane. From the previously mentioned "melee factor" I.E. crazy fast people running completeley silent arround the map meleeing ppl and 1 shot throwing knifing everything. I had started to notice a bit of a lack of care for balance on COD's behalf. this was multiplied by the fact that the map designs had changed to IMO "hinder camping" by making maps more unrealistic "paintball type" maps in which there is at least 3 ways for an enemy to attack you from any given position. Still i bought and i played, had lots of fun, killed lots of people, did quite well in lots of matches. but that realism that had drawn me into the COD franchise has almost dissapeared completely, the only things left of realism in infinite warfare is barrel sway.


BAD MATCH MAKING. I MEAN COMON COD REALLY? Im not sure if its just because so many feel the same way i do, but bought the game much sooner than me and have already fled the scene? All i know is i am constantly plauged by the same match group (PC Version) when i try to reque after being decimated by ppl much larger than i Smiley Happy. I am pleasantly rewarded by being dropped into the same match repeatedly, or finally it makes a new group in which case i can wait 30 minutes till whenever the cows come home to game.


COD Infinite Warfare WT%#^$*&@*F. I mean flying space monkeys comon guys really? as if you hadnt killed the realism and thrown down enough hurdles, now you went and did this UGH. Its literally on the verge of too much, between flying shotgun artists wall running down hallways, to invisible tomahawk ninja's you name it LOL. COD sure knows how to kill balance in a game in new horrific ways. Dont get me wrong i still log on and play and plan on doin so for at least a little longer but FUDGE MAN COMMON!!! Mix that and the new world of super PC's and the average gamer is toast.


How Can we come back from this? The 1st thing i think thats needed for PC's and any type of internet based game is balance. BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE. Hey guys did you ever wonder why wow has the best PVP hands down and can charge 15 bucks a month to its useres on top of continual expansions that are required to stay current, OHH ITS BECAUSE OF BALANCE. But with the modern day of Super Home PC's, your opponent can litterally be chewing through 400% more frames per second than you "if your @30fps" in order to gain the upper hand on you in game. I beleive we need to introduce FPS caps to some internet based games up to 60 FPS max. This would allow for greater balance essentially cutting out "game tweakers" with unlimited funds building insane computers to kill everyone. This is especially important with a game like COD in which frame rates and lag are the only things stopping an average player from becoming most definetly a couple notches above that. I mean hardcore gamers are bypassing 4k 60 for 1080 144 just to increase the fps of thier computers specifically for games like this "in which fast movement matters". so they can turn arround 4x faster than you can while keeping the screen in focus becoming a true "ninja". I just feel its a sad state if PC games dont receive some sort of hardware balancing as well as the game itself to even the playing field as best as possible.


Where is the game development??? I feel like these games are exactly the same for the most part. the names and faces change but theres only ever 2 modes, story, and matchmaking. With so many games going MMO i cant help but feel COD needs something similar. An open world i can raid in would be so nice since the PVP in IW kinda sucks. It would let people group up in new ways, Imagine Destiny meets COD-flying space monkeys. Imagine though instead of 4 player groups like 25-40. This is the kind of game i have been dying for. The closest i have seen to possible perfection is Star Citizen (still in development currently in alpha). It is taking realism to completely new heights, by making every action in game physics based. It is however partially a flight simulator (although theres plenty of shooting in your ship, and plenty of FPS will be had)


I cant help but imagine though, if done right a COD MMO could be truly awesome. But the way it currently sits, im going to have to rent the next COD 1st sorry guys Smiley Sad.

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This is literally nothing new. Back in the day my first game PC was a Athlon 550 MHz and the original Geforce256 videocard, the Geforce256 in my PC was actually the first one ever to be imported in my country. Me and my buddy's were playing Quake II, Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament and I was shredding them playing on 1024 x 768 high detail because they were playing on a Pentium 133 at 640x480 low detail and I was practically invisible on some places due to the dark lighting LMAO.


If you want equal hardware switch to consoles. I did exactly that. Been out of gaming for more than 10 years but picked up a PS4 last fall to do a bit of gaming. I have done the PC thing all before and it's a never ending cycle. Replace video boards and Mainboards/CPU's every 6-12 months. Costs thousands of dollars.


I do play BO3 occasionally on the PC, on my HP office system which is a i7 2800 with a low level GeForce videocard, for when I don't have acces to my PS4 and I have to play on the lowest res windowed mode. But I get on supprisingly well with it, can get 30 kills in a TDM game. Just spotting enemy's far off on some maps like Hunted is an issue sometimes. 


It's not just the computer you are playing with. If you run 60 FPS that is sufficient, you need to be a good player as well.

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im not running crap hardware:


ASUS Sabertooth x79

intel i7 3820 3.6ghz 4 core overclocked to 4.6ghz (watercooled)

Corsair Dominator 16gb quad channel ddr3

ASUS Strix 1070 OC 8gb

Samsung 512gb SSD (SATA)


I know some of this stuff isnt at the pinnacle of hardware, but my processor still sits next to an intel i7 7700k on the benchmarks

i am well steeped in PC hardware, and that is not the issue with this game.

it has to do more with the gameplay. from evolving the melee specialist into something truly wicked, to wall running, to the lack of anti cheat, etc.


at this point this game is a holdover for destiny 2. Which im hoping will hold me over long enough for star citizen to come out.


A game that is based off battlegrounds with no Anti cheat or balancing is not long lasted, especially looking on the horizon of games to come.


But on that note i hope all game developers play COD-IW so they can see what not to make in a game, and how important anti cheat really is.


here is an estimated K/D range for myself in COD               Normaly 1.4-2.6            Against Aim-Bot .4-1.1                When i hit the Funk .3-.8 (graphics error of some kind) when i exit game i notice the clock speed of my GPU is bouncing all over from MAX-OC range (quite odd), exiting the game letting it idle down and restarting seems to fix it. Happens after the game has been running for quite some time 2hrs + much better than before. Before it was a memory leak issue, i could scroll back through my gpu monitor and watch my memory being eaten up until it was maxed, at which point it began filling my regular RAM and thats when i would hit problems. that would happen after 30 mins or less and was a problem. this new one i can deal with, its a twice a day thing or something if im gaming all day.


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