unable to access internet services

Infinite Warfare PC

all i get when trying mp or zombies or even store is "unable to access internet services"

no problems with no other games/software/internet 7 i am wired with a fiber internet line that has no issues

i get this error "unable to access internet services"

upnp is enabled and all ports are open.

i cant find any steam userswith same issue google just shows xbox and ps issues which is no help.

can anyone give me a hand? please
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all ports are open, steam vaildated all files no firewalls or antivirus are on


  • multiplayer
  • zombies
  • store


all have the error in above post, some one must know how to sort, it worked on the day the game was released, but zombies was not out then and mp was full of bunnys 2nd time trying to get moneys worth out of them game and it looks grim

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the login server ip address for the steam version of the game, can i have that so then i can at least try to ping it, or use a online NAT checker to eliminate some cause of issues, info like that used to be available for older activision games but can find nothing for CoD:IW
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Hey there.


Let's run through the following steps:




Let me know if they help. Thanks!



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