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Jitter mod shotgun

Ign - yameanyahard


He's jitter modding w/ shotgun please ban this blatant kid

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Re: Jitter mod shotgun

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Yeah I've seen it a couple times, insta-backout. It's technically not a hack, so it's basically an unbannable offense, as corrupt as it may seem. I've only seen it on the models, so we only have Infinity Ward to blame that the coding for the weapon allows it to function with a jitter mod.
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Re: Jitter mod shotgun

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Hey smaddog2,

Sorry to hear you're running into issues with people using bug/exploits. I understand that this can ruin a great game. Please be sure to report any and all players you suspect of cheating, so that one of our dedicated teams can investigate and properly act open these players accounts. Thank you for your time and thanks for playing!


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Re: Jitter mod shotgun

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ive reported the same player numerous times with proof for the same thing and nothing happens.





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Re: Jitter mod shotgun

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Just ride it out. This game is dead and good riddance to it and AW. You'll have a new batch of expoliters in a couple of months anyway. 

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Re: Jitter mod shotgun

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yeah idk why you even bother replying in this forum, reassuring ppl you'll fix stuff, every update there's always a new glitch/buff on a gun that ppl exploit the ***** out of. You can start by getting the R3K common-legendary back to normal, make it so ppl cant run around with shotguns, even in HC DOM ppl use shotguns, like that new duel weilding piece of ***** shotgun you guys added, you just encourage *****ty players to ruin the game for ppl who are playing legitamatley. 

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