Why the hell cant they stop aimbot hackers

Infinite Warfare PS4

I do not see why people  have to ruin the game I paid  for with cheap bs  Activision  / iw needs to step up aimbot and being kicked from a lobby is  *****ing stupid ive been kicked 5 times  by the same guy but they do nothing to stop this why the hell should I even invest time in this game if all I'm ending up with is a broken hacked piece of crap game aimbot  needs to cause perminate ban on a console  I'm sick of this *****

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There are no hacks in current gen systems. ✌
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Yeah the closest I've seen to hacks was when players were going under the map and shooting everyone up which happened to me a few times, but updates must have taken care of it because I haven't seen that in a while. A huge help is actually connecting an Ethernet cable from your ps4 to your modem. I did this and everything runs very smoothly now, very rarely it lags. It certainly helped with my k/d

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Yeah, I think that happens to most people at some point. I remember the first time it happened to me on Black Ops 2. It was wild.
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you failed to consider pc gaming.

not many people play cod on pc any more because it just filled with hackers.

there ment to be vac bans, but its never updated and the hackers just laugh about it.

every cod for past 3 years has been dead on pc withing a week to the point you be lucky to find a tdm lobby


+ vac enabled games only work with dedicated servers. and when was last time they gave that? i think last time was bo2

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not entirely true, there are modded controllers that allow you to use things like Aimbot and Auto Drop Shot etc etc it might not be a direct hack through the console but its still cheating

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Not forgetting the Titan One and Cronus max users, some of the cheats in those buggers are rampant on these games, i checked both websites myself,you dont need to buy a modded controller with those as it will just do it via a USB connection straight into the console.
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There is controllers that can be bought with remapped buttons and a maxfire mod chip with stealth software so it isn't traceable. So, yea it's cheating and hacking the system. I don't have one because I don't care enough about games to cheat. They are out there though and anyone that denies it are just being ignorant.

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That is totally incorrect. They don't hack the console, they hack the controller. It allows them to use aimbots, see people on the map even behind obsticles etc.

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I know this to be true I have been unseen behind a wall and been shot through the wall, I even found the footage on YouTube and the cheater was showing off his aim bot controller.

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