After completing the Zombies in Spaceland Easter Egg, I am unable to play as David Hasselhoff...why?

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Finished the Easter Egg in Spaceland, entering the Hasselhoff code (L, R, L, U, D) in a lobby will indeed bring up the screen's Hasselhoff Sticker. However, once the game begins I will not be David, but one of the normal characters. I've read some others are experiencing this, but I've not seen this on the list of "known issues" (even though there's already an entry for the new Rave map's issues). Could some please take a look at this?


(Here's a video of Hasselhoff at the fall of the Berlin wall..he's just looking for Freedom guys, let him out Free Hasselhoff )

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I'm having the same issue. I just beat the ZiS easter egg, can pull hasselhoff up at the menu before the game but I'm spawning as a default character. I was also unable to Double PaP in ZiS as a default character after completing the easter egg

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I don’t have hanseoff and I got the Easter egg key

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