Community Contest 8/8-8/10

Infinite Warfare Support


Community Contest 8/8-8/10

Greetings everyone! 

Three more weeks until the Call of Duty: Private Beta begins! However, today Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Absolution launched on Xbox One and PC. Let the countdown until the DLC 4 begin!

To celebrate that launch we will be running a new community contest, but first off let's celebrate the winner of the last community contest! This was a general contest for a Call of Duty Infinite Warfare t-shirt. The helpful memeber of the community that won that was: 


Congratulations!! Smiley Very Happy



This time around anyone who helps out in three or more support threads in Infinite Warfare Support, MWR Support, or Black Ops 3 Support, will be entered to win one code for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: DLC 3 Absolution on any platform. 



To enter into that contest just head through any of the previously mentioned forum areas, look for some of your fellow gamers asking for assistance, and use all of your hard earned Call of Duty knowledge to assist them. The contests run between 8/8-8/10 (PST). 

Good luck everyone and thanks for taking the time to help out some other members of the community. Smiley Happy

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