Disc read error: `imagefile 60-pak`

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Anyone tell me what this is all about please, i have been kicked out of nearly every game this evening midway through most games with this popping up, and losing anything i have earned, 

  Disc read error:` imagefile  60-pak`


just when i was finally beginning to enjoy  this game i get this,


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Hey there,


Apologies for this inconvenience. Can you clarify when you first started seeing this? Can you also provide your platform and gamer ID? 


Regards, ^JP

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I also have gotten the same error as well, and I've also got the corrupted data error on top of it.  I'm on Playstation 4, my ID is flakket, and the errors are for infinite warfare 

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I am getting the same thing  on Xbox one infinite warfare. Just bought  and can't play the game at all

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Hi so i had the game since day one and this just happened to me. It basically does random kicks out of any lobby im in and says disk error...the disk is in perfect condition and i dont have any dlc nor do i try to play any

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I play on xbox one and this started to happen before you get to your jet with ethan on the first mission  

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How doe I fix it when I make a match I can play for about a minutes then it will glitch off

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Hi, gentlemen of ACTIVISION, I am a COD AW player and I am currently playing it on the PS3 console and it is giving me a problem in which it remains frozen or frozen, it takes me out of the Multi Player games and then it throws me the message "DISC READ ERROR IMAGE FILE 1, 27, 41 etc., etc. I have the game in physical disk and I have it in good condition, now I do not know if the game will have the same problem in digital, please do something to solve this problem, that even There are many of us who are playing this great game on PS3, thank you and many blessings from on high! My Play Station ID CARLULALO 

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Hey guys,


I understand how important this is for you and you guys just want to play the game normally.  There are two things that is causing this kind of issue. First, if you didn't completely install the DLC's or the DLC's went to the other game add-on. 


Kindly follow the steps below for us to double check this.



If you don't see Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Sabotage/Continuum DLC in your recent downloads, you will need to manually activate the download.

  1. From the PlayStation home screen, go to Library.
  2. Go to Games and select Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.
  3. Select PlayStation Store on the left.
  4. On the right, select Your Add-Ons.
  5. Tap the arrow next to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Sabotage/Continuum DLC to start the download.

Be sure to also verify that the Sabotage DLC pack has fully downloaded.

  1. Go to Notifications from the PlayStation home screen.
  2. Select Downloads.
  3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Sabotage/Continuum DLC should say "Can now be used."


(Xbox One]  

  1. While on the Home screen, scroll to the right, and then press the A button on your controller to open My games and apps.
  2. Locate the game, and then press the Menu button .
  3. Select Manage game.
  4. In the Ready to install column, select the add-on you want to install.
  5. Press the A button to install the add-on.

NOTE: Most of the time, this steps work for Xbox users unless the said profile doesn't have the Season Pass or purchase the specific DLC standalone. 


If the steps didn't work, it's the time for you guys to check if the said add-on when on other COD title like Black Ops III. (PS4 users)


  1. From the PS4 menu, navigate to your Library.
  2. Navigate to Black Ops III and press [X].
  3. From the product page, select Related items.
  4. Select My add-ons.

Just let me know how it goes.


Best regards,


Mr. B






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