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The dlc for infinit warfare will not install I purchased the season pass download the dlc and it won't install when I try to do so it tells me that it cannot find the application and asks if I want to look on the PlayStation store where it says that everything is purchased and installed already yet in game I have none of it I have tried hard reset I have deleted everything game included and re downloaded everything numerous times and still nothing can someone help please 

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Hi mate I had this problem with fallout4 it just wasn't registering, something to do with the game being unregistered so I was told but I took it back to the shop and they tried to install it as no refunds when wrapper seal is opened but they had the same problem. So my advice is take it back or contact the people who you bought it from if it's digital. It's not a common problem but is recognised. Hopefully u have the receipt and won't have a problem, if it's digital I.e. Ps store they will be able to detect your problem but may take a while. Good luck and let me know how you get on
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***** I totally read your post wrongly, sorry! Obviously season pass DLC from ps store yeah? Did your card payment fail? I've had that happen and same problem yet still it says it's purchased when it's not?! If not that then just contact the store and explain problem, it won't be a quick process, but it will get sorted. When you uninstalled the game etc what order did you reinstall it? Try installing the season pass first then when it says about the game it will look and find it for installing! Just a thought! Look in your library and check that it is in your list of add ons - I'm a bloody tool too, airhead at his best, this happened to me too, just do installs and itlll appear tomorrow. Well,it did with me! I bought dlc map pack one then the season pass later, I thought that was why it did it, but it just takes a while to register- hope it helps and not confuses
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Hey man,


If you don't see Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Sabotage/Continuum DLC in your recent downloads, you will need to manually activate the download.
1. From the PlayStation home screen, go to Library.
2. Go to Games and select Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.
3. Select PlayStation Store on the left.
4. On the right, select Your Add-Ons.
5. Tap the arrow next to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Sabotage/Continuum DLC to start the download.


Be sure to also verify that the DLC pack has fully downloaded.
1. Go to Notifications from the PlayStation home screen.
2. Select Downloads.
3. The item you downloaded should say "Can now be used."



If you still can't see the said DLC's.


Kindly follow the workaround below. 


De-activate and re-activate PS4 as Primary > Restore licenses. 


Set PS4 as Primary
Activate as Primary Console
- Sign in the PSN account
- Slect [PSN]
- Choose [Activate as Your Primary PS4]
- Click on [Activate].

PS4 Restore License
- Login the account where the DLC was purchased
- Go to (Settings)
- Click "PSN"
- Choose Restore License and press (X button).

Best regards,


Mr. B



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I’m having the same issue. It says “purchased” but will not download.


ive tried to manually activate the download but the only add on it shows there is my Sabatoge I bought a while back.


I deactivated then deactivated my ps4 as my primary.

i restored my liscense.


how can I get my download or my money back?

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Did you ever figure it out? I'm going through the same exact problem as we speak???? Need answers  please

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