Error G_Spawn: no free entities

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So, I'm playing Operation Phoenix, the side mission, on Specialist difficulty. I get into the prototype jackal and take off. I'm flying around at full speed, because if you don't you'll get absolutely shreded by the 4 aces and seemingly infinite number of standard skelters. I manage to take out 3 skelters and 1 ace then BAAM, Error G_Spawn: no free entities. I load back in and manage to take out 1 ace and 4 skelters then BAAM, Error G_Spawn: no free entities. I load back in and take out 2 aces and 7 skelters then fly around trying but failing to take out more and BAAM, Error G_Spawn: no free entities. I load back in once more and find that I got a checkpoint. 2 aces down, 2 to go. I chase down 3 more skelters and finally find another ace. I chase him down and almost kill him but the enemy cruiser restores power and its guns come online and BAAM, Error G_Spawn: no free entities. I've done some reading on this error and it turns out, it happens when all the entity slots are filled up and the engine tries to load in more. The only problem is, it can't because they're all full so... BAAM Error G_Spawn: no free entities. My question is, would it be possible for you guys to release a patch that fixes this issue? I want to beat Specialist so I can unlock #YOLO. When I heard about #YOLO I was like "Holy s**t, specialist difficulty but with permadeath? F**k it, challenge accepted!!!" Please fix this, I want to play your game and I really want to beat your "basicly impossible" difficulty. If you need proof of the problem, I've got a clip on my Xbox of some gameplay and then the error message popping up. I'll be happy to send it to you if it will help you guys out with this problem.

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Xbox clear cache
> Turn off your Xbox One.
> Once the indicator lights on the front of the Xbox One and the console's power brick are off, unplug the power brick from the back of your console.
> Wait at least 30 seconds.
> Plug the power brick back into your Xbox One and turn it on.



If the issue persist, Remove your profile > Restart console > Restore your profile again. 



[Last Resort]

Reinstall the game properly. 


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That would imply that it is an error on my end, when it, in fact, isn't. 


G spawn: no free entities, is an error in the coding. Basically, it means there are too many entities. You see, when you spawn an entity in the game, you need to remove it at one point to prevent a lot of issues; for example zombie bodies, grenades on the floor, the gateworms etc... The problem is, some entities cannot be removed for gameplay sake, like the gateworms. For example: The scavenger from Call of the Dead. When you shoot, it fires a bolt. That bolt is a model and an entity. When the bolt explodes, you NEED to remove it, via scripts, from the map. Otherwise, you can end up with a million bolds all over the map, literally destroying your PC/console (the hardware cannot handle that many entities) So, the developers putted a limit on the amount of entities that can exist, at any given time, on the map. Hope you understood.

The problem is, the error appears in an official map/level that is supposed to work perfectly fine.


(No, I did not write that. I simply found the explanation on the internet, cleaned up the grammar mistakes, took out a swear or two, and put it into this reply so you would understand how the issue originates.)

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Please answer the question, I'm stuck in the same place and it's doing my head in.....I will beat this 

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Same exact thing happensed to me

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I just got this message in a game of zombies after getting booted.

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