G_Spawn error: no entites

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Hello everyone. I'm a little late trying out this campaign although it seems as if I pay alote of money to own nothing but beta releases. Im experiencing alote of problems while trying to play campaign I get this entity error as if there is anything I can do about it. I love these games, and i pay alote of money for these garbage systems. I use up all my memory installing everything..all the time. I buy online and I buy on disk and either way I can't win. When I'm finally able to play a game, I get kicked? Over and over?? So does that mean there is no campaign?? Oh there is but nobody can play it. Oh there's patches it's just.. complex? Yawl lucky I didn't break any flat screens..yet! Please get it together or I will be forced to boycott. I been down since day one too. Played Nazi zombies after beating the campaign on world at war! Back when campaigns meant something. Oh and I bought all the modern warfare games. Even the original "remastered" so what the HECK is this NEW one and how bout you hook me up with a free copy for going through all this BULL

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