High internet but low internet bars in game.

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High internet but low internet bars in game.

So i have been having problems with the conexcion in the game, sometimes in the conection bars from the game i get  1 to 3 bars of conection, this doesnt happen all the time, but it happens frequently and i want to know if its my internet or the games servers and how can i fix it, my internet stats are 90-98 mbps of download and 18 mbps of upload, hope you can help me fellow comrades.

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Re: High internet but low internet bars in game.

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Having a good connection to your provider is not that same as having a good connection to the game server.  The internet is a big place. A data packet can take many routes as it bounces around. That is where your lag, and low bar rates show up.

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Betreff: High internet but low internet bars in ga...

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SweetDragon is right what he is talking about. Also up and download speed doesnt matter in online gaming as far as you have the minimum required upload speed.

More important is jitter and packet loss, if you suffer one of this, it can screw up a whole lobby.

It also depends on if you hit a dedicated server, or if you get a P2P connection to someone with probably bad internet. Also if the connection to either a server, or P2P, is nearby or far away.

So there are a lot of factors what belongs to a good, or a bad connection.

My internet is fine, but I suffer as well most of the time bad connections in CoD.

BF1 + TF2 are running fine, that is the other side of CoD IW, its the worst netcode ever made in CoD history.

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