How to fix error code 32770

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It didnt work for me.


I was also see that error code before but I found a way to join, it is not actually solve but it works. unfortunetelly, you must use it whenever you want to play. ıt sometimes boring and tired but no another way. You need to carefully read this argument step by step. 


1. Start the game 

2. Choose multiplayer

3. There are two options Play Online and Play Lan screen wait here dont choose anything just wait and turn off the router modem with button and turn on again after afew seconds.

4. This step is vital if you choose play online right time it is going to start %100 guarente. I will explain when you press play online. So there are 2 important lights on the router which need to us playing online. Namely, DSL and Internet. When you turn on the router wait DSL light countinuously, and then wait 2-3 seconds after DSL, and then press Play Online before Internet Light. While you are connecting to server, Internet light start to bright continuously. Finaly you will see the fetching online. It is %100 guarente to works. I always do that. Some of them may be not believe me just tried and you will see.


Thank me I'm saving your hundreds dollars.

Good luck and Good bye.


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I had this error a few days ago. I got kicked out in the middle of a game and was unable to connect to the servers again. To fix it I follwed these steps:

1. Turn off Playstation 4 for about 10-15 minutes

2. Restart Call of Duty

3. DO NOT press 'Play Online'

4. Instead go to 'Local' 

5. Start a local game and finish it

6. Now go to play online

7. Hopefully you are able to connect

I know this works for MWR and I'm assuming it's the same for IW. Have a nice day!

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Thanks my dude it actually works 


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I have seen this error quite a few times. There is a very easy fix for this. All you have to do is connect your console through lan cable and play the game once. After that, you can disconnect and continue playing using wifi.


Worked like a charm for my friends and I.

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Im trying to get online and it is giving me error 32770


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Bonsoir quand je veux joué a call of duty :moderne warfare remzstered ou en ligne je ne peux pas car j'ai un message en disant : le service de call of duty : moderne warfare remastered n'est pas disponible pour linstant.  Réessayez ultérieusement ou rendez-vous sur ce site pour plus d'info . 

Le code de l'erreur 32770

 Mais sa fais déjà plusieur jour que j'essaie de me connecter en ligne, mais je n'y arrive pas donc je vous envoies un message merci de me repondre. 

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Moi ça fait presque 1 ans que j'ai cette erreur aussi bien sûr bo3 que mw remastered je ne peux plus joué a aucun call of duty je sais plus quoi faire aidé moi svp

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Bonjour ,

Je suis bloquer depuis plus d'un mois avec l'impossibilité de me connecter au multi de Infinty warfare et aussi sur black ops 3 , toutes mes connexions fonctionnent j'ai bien l'abonnement au PlayStation plus c'est Sony qui m'envoie vers vous car le problème ne vient pas D'eux ni de ma connexion .
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Me da a mi también Hasta ace 10 minutos estaba jugando error 32770


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Pudiste arreglarlo? Yo tengo Fibertel. Me pasa lo mismo

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