How to fix error code 32770

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Please help how can I fix the error code 32770 so I can play online
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Hi I don't know how to access my router or access it on the ps4 how else can I try and resolve it
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We were having error code 32770 come up every time we tried to play online, not just WWii but all the call of duties, but when we hooked up to our cell phone via hotspot we could get online to play. But we would use up all our data so that’s not a good option, I called my service provider and they turned off a firewall setting in the MODEM not the router, if your having this problem give your service provider tech support a call and have it opened. Hope this helps anyone who’s having this problem!

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help me pls;(((


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I was also see that error code before but I found a way to join, it is not actually solve but it works. unfortunetelly, you must use it whenever you want to play. ıt sometimes boring and tired but no another way. You need to carefully read this argument step by step. 


1. Start the game 

2. Choose multiplayer

3. There are two options Play Online and Play Lan screen wait here dont choose anything just wait and turn off the router modem with button and turn on again after afew seconds.

4. This step is vital if you choose play online right time it is going to start %100 guarente. I will explain when you press play online. So there are 2 important lights on the router which need to us playing online. Namely, DSL and Internet. When you turn on the router wait DSL light countinuously, and then wait 2-3 seconds after DSL, and then press Play Online before Internet Light. While you are connecting to server, Internet light start to bright continuously. Finaly you will see the fetching online. It is %100 guarente to works. I always do that. Some of them may be not believe me just tried and you will see.


Thank me I'm saving your hundreds dollars.

Good luck and Good bye.

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It actually works exactly how u say it! Thanks a lot man!!!

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It seems like it would work, but some people who live on a college campus don’t have access to the main router or modem. So this is physically impossible. Any other suggestions? Lol

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