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I can't play IW

For some reason, for almost a year now I'm not able to play call of duty Infinite Warfare. Whenever I start up the game everything is normal, but when I go to play MP I get into a lobby, then all I see is a black screen. I can hear voice chat I can see the countdown yet when it says that the match is about to start it just freezes like that and that's all I can do. I can't play SP,MP or zombies. I was a huge fan of IW and played it a retarded amount. I was sad to see that all of sudden I couldn't play it anymore. I open it every few months just to see that nothing has changed. Please help
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Re: I can't play IW

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Hey there! Which platform are you on? Can you please clear your console's cache? You can find how to do that here. Please only follow the "clear cache" steps. This is a good way to remove corrupted data that interferes with the performance of the game. ^MB

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