I'm never buying again an ACTIVISION game, you sh*t on us every time

Infinite Warfare Support


It's been more than a month that I can't play online COD IW nor zombies maps wich I have payed all of them. 


I've posted here, been waiting for an embassador or anyone of this f****ing company to give me an answer and nobosy cares a f*ck. They only care about we giving them our money and that's it. Once you payed they nevermind nothing else. 


Look how many posts here asking for help and non of their crew has ever showed up or done anything to help us. Consumer's rights my balls.



I'm done with all this sh*t. Activision, you've lost one client, hopefully the first from many more to come.



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Agreed though my reason is because they decided to lock guns behind a paywall/time consuming task including the kap 45 the daemon the swat rft...my wife just recently made a profile to play and will never be able to get those guns even though I already paid 120$ for the game....you will never receive another cent from me activision

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