Infinite Warfare 05/16/2017 to present.

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Infinite Warfare 05/16/2017 to present.

Everyone I go into Infinite Warfare Multiplayer or Zombies it Fetches my profile the requires an update. I can only press A or B, the game resets and says that it has successfully completed the update. I then go back to zombies or multiplayer and it does it again. This loops been happening for 3 or so days. I've cleared my cache, uninstalled IW and it still won't work.

I've gone into MWR started a game and BO3, they both work fine.

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Re: Infinite Warfare 05/16/2017 to present.

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That's odd. There have been several threads on this topic, they may have a fix in one of those. Might want to search for those.


Have you tried launching into MWR, then from the MWR menu launch switch to IW??? Does the same thing happen when you go into IW this path?


This might seem silly but have you updated to the most recent patch via the dashboard???

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