Infinite warfare INSTALLATION STOPPED! Please help!!!

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Infinite warfare  keeps saying installation stopped and never passes 3% I even went to gamestop and received a new copy still same issues. I moved all my external hard drive memory to my internal and tried putting it on there, which didn't work. Then moved everything on to my external hard drive so there are no games downloaded on my internal hard drive. Yet it doesn't even start the download it instantly stops it. I know it's not my console because I deleted battlefield 1, gears of war, and skyrim and they all were able to re download without any issues. As well as I know it's not a hard drive space issue because I have 570.8 gb available.  Please help if anyone can super frustrated in the fact it's been 3 days, 2 copies, and about a hundred times having to transfer files. And yet I still haven't even seen the download bar past 3%. 

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Same issue just got the legacy edition today and it's been a few hours of what you described my modern warfare remastered has been downloading fine but once I try to download infinite warfare my Xbox starts to hum and once it gets to 3 percent the installation stops 

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Infinite warfare still doesn't download even now. I'm sat here still at 2.43gb out of 62.60gb and it's not moving! Been on 3% for about 3 hours, I think even my Xbox thinks the game is so bad it won't download it at all! It refuses and I don't blame it! Activision sort this ***** out now 

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Hey there, 

Sorry to hear you are running into that issue and I understand how frustrating that would be when you just want to get in there to play the game. However, could you please let me know what you've tried already to fix that issue?

Sometimes just a hard restart of the console (turn it off, unplug it, wait 5 minutes, plug it back, start it back up), restarting your network (router/modem), or just restarting the download. Let me know though and we'll see what options you have. Thanks. 


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I hope you get this notification, I know it's a very old post. But I'm trying to play these games again and infinite warfare won't install, but modern warfare will. I've done two trouble shoots and still nothing. I hope you know what I can do

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I also just bought infinite warfare yesterday and it stops at 3 percent, I really hope this gets resolved quickly. 

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Did it tell you itthe game needed a update?  If so cut the box of, unplug it for a few mins and restart it but skip the update until it's done worked for me

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Same problem!!!
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My copy of the modern warfare remastered and infinite warfare legacy edition won't download either and I've already tried all the stuff on this site.

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