Is there a way to unlock Season pass weapons?

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Is there a way to unlock Season pass weapons?

I've already purchased all four DLC Map Packs. I wasn't sure I would get them all at first, so i bought them individually. But now i would like to get the weapons that are only unlocked by purchasing the season pass. 

Is there a way to purchase/unlock the Season Pass weapons?

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Re: Is there a way to unlock Season pass weapons?

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All of the base DLC weapons are unlocked either by getting a vairant from a supply drop or completing a challenge if you don't have the season pass. Another option you have is you could contact microsoft if you are on xbox. I know before when I did AW I bought all 4 DLC pack seperately, but there was a tangible benifit for having the season pass. I contacted them and they basically refunded me all 4 map pack and set my account to have the season pass instead.  I didn't get any money back mind you and I don't know how playstation would respond if you are on their platform. But, they could probably help you get the season pass on your account for free if you bought all 4 DLC packs individually.  

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