It caps the game at 6 fps

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So I was able to play this game very well for over a year. When I try to play the game now I will start up the game and on the very first starting menu i will get my normal fps but when I switch to zombies or multiplayer the game randomly caps itself at 6 fps and I can't di anything about it to switch it back to my normal. It also does this with my Call of Duty Ghosts which is annoying to. When I tried to fix it I changes all of my settings. I changed my resolution, textures, shadows and pretty much everything I could


PC Specs

Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600
Gpu: Rx 580 8gb

12gb ddr4 ram

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You have all recommended specs to run and play the game at 60 fps at least so I suggest you to update your graphics card driver or reinstalling the game setup, If applying these solutions will not resolve your problem then Download System care from Exploit for free to take care of your computer while playing games, Watch full tutorial video of efficiently using  system care to boost your gaming experience at YTB Converter Free or Mod Apk Apps.

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