No bounty rewards keys and salvage infinite warefare

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I played on zombies rave in redwoods for killing 30 sasquatches for 90 keys (kevins bounty) completed half of (willards bounty which is spin magic wheel 15 times any requirement) on rave in redwoods and the other half in zombies in spaceland for 250 salvage which i completed both  bounties fully with 6 days 21 hours to spare on 5th september 2017 im using ps4 platform and my gamertag is tornadokid26 for call of duty infinite warfare im getting quick sick of cod all the glitches migrate to host lost keys salvage missing items general cheats youtubers etc etc this just tops it now tbh why make a game that you obviously cant maintain very well blacks ops 2 had it right boots on ground and while i did enjoy infinite warfare before all these sudden issues im completely off call of duty you get paid so much money for points packs etc yet i cannot fathum if it is a bunch of insolence children behind the scenes this is beyond a joke YOU ARE ACTUALLY RUINING A ONCE AWESOME GAME WITH POOR SERVERS MAINTENANCE AND GENERAL CANT BE BOTHERED #1UNHAPPYCUSTOMER!!!!!!!

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Hey there, 


So sorry for the delay and the frustrations, can you provide your platform and gamer ID? I'll look into this for you.


Regards, ^JP

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Eric here. I've been playing the hell out of COD games for only about 1 year now... But I've put in 100's of hours.

And 100's of dollars. DLC, COD points, different games, etc.

I have had the same issue, and then some.

I've grinded my ass off to achieve bounty awards. Surely I've lost out on atleast 150-300 keys, and 1000s of Salvage points.

Not only that, but I get kicked from multiplayer Zombie after grinding for 15-20 levels, and I've got a good connection!

So that's more hours, and keys, lost!


I love the COD games that I play. But *****... it IS enough to make a loyal fan of the franchise start thinking about putting the game down for good. Because every gamer knows it is incredibly frustrating to game hard, and not get the gear or exp or points you were supposed to get. All because of the glitchiness and inconsistency of the game/servers!


Would love to provide you with any info necessary to get assistence as well in this matter.


Warm Regards, I know you must get 100000000s of complaints and issues to deal with.


Eric, from Wisconsin

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I didn't get my bounties 1000 light machine gun kills and kill 30 Sasquatch I've completed it now I haven't received it I'm ready to quit call of duty infinite warfare ... We pay good money to not get the rewards  really what a shame 

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I'm having the same issue. I believe I'm missing 3-4 different bounties the most recent one is 90 keys for willards bounty the one before the current one I have. I must be missing near on 200 keys and maybe 1000 salvage as I haven't seen any additions in the time I've been playing. 

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this is still going on and i have tryed the solo and all that and nothing 

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