Not receiving bounty rewards zombies

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I have just completed another bounty on infinite warfare for zombies to get 250 salvage and I yet again didn't receive it. I am getting very tired of this. I have missed out on 4 bounty rewards now and have been shorted 500 salvage because it hasn't been giving me my rewards. It only happens with zombie bounties not with multiplayer bounties. The game is cheating me out of my rewards. This needs fixed now.
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Hi there! I apologize for the inconvenience. Whenever this happens please follow these steps:


• Clear Cache:
• Unplug system / router for 10 mins
• Play 1-3 Zombie matches without force quitting the match
• Check Zombie Crates for rewards


You shall then receive your reward. Thank you. ^TV 

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I tried all these trouble shoots and its not working.

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Try this. Start a privat solo zombie game, die, and after you should get your latest bounty. This worked on my end.

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