Not receiving salvage OR keys from completing bounties/contracts

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Not receiving salvage OR keys from completing boun...

This has been happening for weeks now. For every week that the bounties actually cash in, the other two weeks don't work at all. It's frustrating because you put so much time working towards a bounty and it doesn't give you the reward. I'm not sure why it does this you might as well just not do the bounties at all because you will waste your time. This weeks bounties goes as follows Willards Bounty: Earn 500 kills with a sniper rifle Reward: 500 salvage The Hoff's Bounty: Earn 150 trap kills (Requirement: Zombies in Spaceland) Reward: 30 keys At the time of posting this the bounties expire in approximately 2 days and 3 hours. I didn't complete the multiplayer contracts, and I probably won't because I would be wasting my time. This Bounty issue has robbed me of 100 (maybe even 200) keys and 2000 salvage as well as my time, and I've seen no attempts to fix this issue. And I'm not the only one. Hundreds (or even thousands) of gamers have experienced this issue as well, so it's definitely not our fault. It's a glitch in the game that needs to be solved. My information goes as follows: Gamertag: AndroidFreak256 Platform: Xbox One If proof is needed I will provide on request.
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Try this. Start a privat solo zombie game, die, and after you get your latest bounty. This worked on my side.

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Betreff: Not receiving salvage OR keys from comple...

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I have had the same problem and have not tried a private solo match.  Does it matter if i just do the solo match and die right away? Do i need to do a solo and complete bounties?   Any additional detail would be helpful.

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