Why cant i shoot my weapon %0D%0A

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Im doing the refinery mission and i cant fire any weapon i can only throw grenades 


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­Hey there,


Apologies for the frustrations, I hope all is well outside of the trouble you are experiencing. There are a few things we can do to try and rectify this. 


  1. Double check both platform and game settings.
  2. A hard reset (Hold the power button down until it fully powers off) Then unplug it leaving it off for a few minutes (About 15 is good)
  3. Clearing cache and rebooting - http://bit.ly/2bTs2tJ (Please make sure that you have a campaign back up saved, as it may be deleted by doing this)
  4. If after the previous steps have failed a complete uninstall and reinstall may be necessary. 


I hope this has helped, please feel free to reach out through our social media channels should you need more assistance. Thanks so much for your support.

- Best regards ^VH


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None of your solutions worked for me...

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