Zombies Lost Connection to Host/Server

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This issue is getting out of hand so I decided to see if anyone else has encountered this. Every single Zombies game in public matches since the last update are laggy and around round 20ish will kick me out and give me the error lost connection to host/server. It does not even matter what map it is. My friend also encountered this as me and her were the only two people in the game left and she got removed from it. I know its not my connection and i have already tried unistalled the game. Please fix this as I believe it is an issue on the server side. 

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Hi there,


Sorry to hear you've been having some troubles staying connected to Zombie matches! Are you using a wireless connection? If so, please try using a wired connection. Using a wired connection will allow your system to achieve optimal performance when playing an online game. Wi-Fi connections can range in reliability and bandwidth which can dramatically affect the quality of online game play. Wired connections will maintain the minimum bandwidth connection that is required for online gaming.

I'd like to you to refer to this article in the section, "Test Your Home Network". Please do tests, 1, 2, 3.
Once you've done this go back and play some rounds of Zombies and see if you have the same experience. If you continue to have troubles, keep us posted.
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I been reading post on this problem. .seems its still an ongoing thing.

I am losing connection to host in many games,doesn't matter the lvl..it even happened a few minutes into the game.

Would I would like to know is this even being looked into? Since this problem has a date over a year ago..aside from recommending that one change their Id to less than 15 character. .mine is less by the way.

I've also read other post that that didnt help others..you're asking people to pay by changing their name to be shorter to a problem you all caused with upgrades.

Would appreciate a fix cuz its getting very annoying being dropped from a game one is deep in and losing all progress. 

Thank you for your time.


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Same. Lost connection to host EVERY match and its definitely not internet connection related. Also it never happens in regular multiplayer Only zombies.

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This is happening to everyone.  Each time this happens, all the hundreds and hundreds of kills I've gotten are worth nothing and all the XP I would of gotten goes down the drain.

Something needs to be taken care of with this Infinity Warfare bull*****! This is 2019 btw!

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Every time I play Call of Duty Zombies I get kicked out saying; “Error. Lost connection to host.” Is this even a thing? I mean, I’m using a wired connection and I still get these messages. It’s really annoying, and I really hate it when this happenes to me. Please, fix this issue ASAP! 


Btw, I tried everything, testing my connection, reinstalling my game, restart my PS4, etc.. and none of these fixed the issue. Please do something!

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