Zombies bounties are not handing out rewards

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ya im have the same thing happen and  solo game play on zombies and throw a grenade and die didnt work this has happend the last 2 weeks and thing new on it 

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I spend a lot of time completing the bounties, but only receive credit for  them occasionally.  To make matters worst, I’ve paid for the season pass and almost never receive the daily log in bonus it shows when I log in.  I’ve tried many of the things that they recommend, but this rarely seems to work.  I’ve just about reached the end of my patience and will stay with games that don’t have so many bugs.
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I figured it out, if you go back in to a solo match and let the zombies get you get your stuff

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I tried it and i still didn't get my rewards


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I'm experiencing the same exacr thing! They should work out all bugs before dropping an update... so dissapointing

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I did not get the rewards either!!! Smiley Sad

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Yeah I hate it dose that I have done 7 complete bounties so 14 total and never seen the first reward it sucks there not trying to fix it or seems that way anyways

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My bounty rewards are not being given to me either Today is 8/31/2017.  I completed the last bouts and was never given my 60 keys nor was I gI've my salvage. Vs multiplayer bounties are rewarded immediately after the match. I've completed this week's bounties for the 90 keys and salvage and nothing. This is the 3rd week In a row with no rewards. Starting to lose faith in the system and game itself. I feel cheated and robbed of time, effort and energy at this point. Please give us our rewards the old and the new

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I don't know how this works but if u start a solo game and kill yourself it will give u the rewards. But oney the ones that have been completed as of now it still owes me 90 keys
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1 year and you would think it would get fixed right? Well nope.

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