Zombies bounties are not handing out rewards

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I've completed both of the current zombies bounties and I've noticed that the rewards for them are not being handed out to me in any way. I've looked for the hack drops that the bounties would hand out when they are completed much like how the multiplayer contracts will hand out their rewards via a hack drop only to find that the game didn't gave me either of my rewards there in both the Quartermaster and Zombies Crates menus. This feature was just introduced today and it's fustrating to not get my rewards which are supose to be the following:


Willard's Bounty: 250 salvage

The Hoff's Bounty: 60 keys


My gamertag and platform are as follows:


Gamertag: Rusted Ace2013

Platform: Xbox One


Video demostrating the issue: http://xboxclips.com/Rusted+Ace2013/66800eb5-2284-476c-b4b1-0e4ab3f42b09


If someone can get this forwarded to support and/or Infinity Ward for investigation, it will be apperciated.

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I have bean facing the same problem plz help 

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I'm having the same problem now I don't understand what's going on

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Same here. Happened to me a few times where I didn’t get both rewards. I’m currently facing this problem during the week of Oct. 25th. Other times they appeared randomly within a day or two. Some of these bounties are difficult to complete. I want my rewards!

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They say go i to solo game play on zombies and throw a grenade at your feet to kill ur self after game ends it will be in crates it worked for me
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Thank you
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Oh wow. I didn't think that would actually work but it did, thanks
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Worked for Me also


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Wow thanks so much I just worked in my bounty for a few hours and freaked when I saw it wasn't there but this worked thanks

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Looks like it USED to work, somehow I think they patched even this Smiley Mad

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