Zombies bounties are not handing out rewards

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It’s October 13 2019 and this problem still isn’t fixed lol

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I got the exact same problem... I had like 40+ keys from the beginning, after I completed it I only received the keys from my zombies match itself, so now I have 73 keys, I should have 100+ keys

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I only get the 250 Salvage, the keys also missing.

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Go into solo mode and throw bomb at ypur feet to kill yourself after u die it will be in the crates i just had to do it with activision a

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Didn't this same glitch happen when they added contracts to multiplayer. This should have been fixed with that. At least I'm glad to see I'm not alone and they might fix this and give us our rewards.

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It's October 2nd. Still haven't received my 60 keys for my 1000 SMG kills. 


Gamertag is DoG Thermite 


This is beyond frustrating 

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Hey, Call of Duty! 

I should have gotten 90 keys for doing 50 scenes and 60 keys for fixing doors, yet I got neither of them. Can you please give me my 150 keys because at first it was like  'well I'll get it eventually', but now I should have gotten 90 keys and did not get this one as well. So: 

Platform: PS4

Online ID: KillerClown077, 

Look above for COD account.

Thanks for the future trouble!



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After playing a match on Shaolin Shuffle, the contract rewards showed up for me as hack drops. It appears that it could take a few matches to actually get the drops that contain your rewards.

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Same problem. Thieves, WW2 Reserved void and 500CP are charged to their mother

Sr Garimba 

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Just figured out how to fix it just replay a game and die and it should give U the reward
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